Deus Ex: Mankind Divided could be available in 2015

Square-Enix is shooting three promotional photos for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that "is coming out soon". Whereas the promotional photos could be the last in line tied to the marketing of a video game, this date makes us assume that Deus Ex: Divided Mankind could be released this year.

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DarkOcelet1309d ago

Wait so...

Just Cause 3/Deus Ex Mankind Divided/Rise of the Tomb Raider and a possible HD version of KH3D for the PS3/PS4.

Square Enix is on a roll here.

Although i still think this game will be released Q1/Q2 2016.

Genova841309d ago

Agree just based solely on the number of broken games released this generation, it seems unlikely that this would be ready this year. That said, when it releases, I'm buying it!

DarkOcelet1309d ago

I have yet to remember a game from SE that is broke.

There games might have dropped in quality but they were always released very polished.

And pretty sure DE:MK will be polished as hell when its released whether this year or the next :)

RocketScienceLvlStuf1309d ago

I don't get what this article is trying to say. I mean promotional photo's could be taken for E3

DarkOcelet1308d ago

We shall see at E3. All will be revealed.

Magicite1308d ago

SE is easily regaining ''my favorite publisher'' status.

DarkOcelet1308d ago

If they nail FFXV then they will definitely become my favorite Publisher and Developer again.

Not worried about KH3 at all because Tetsuya Nomura will make a masterpiece as usual.

Hold_It1308d ago

In all honesty I hope it doesn't come out this year. I say that because who knows how long they have been working on it, and secondly it would be better for it to come out Q1 with no competition than get squandered by MGS V.

DarkOcelet1308d ago

My guess they have been either working on it since 2011 or since Thief's release date.

Actually, i am more afraid for Mad Max since its the game that will go toe to toe with MGSV.

I am not worried about Deus Ex since it already has many fans that are awaiting for the game to be released.

showtimefolks1308d ago


i think that is why square enix is hosting their own conference, very excited for E3 this year with both square and Bethesda being there

the only thing that could top that is if R* actually shows up on stage for any conference

love dues ex so really can't wait

DarkOcelet1308d ago

Yeah, its gonna be an awesome E3. Hopefully a release date for both KH3 and FFXV is announced.

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user74029311309d ago

loved human revolution, in my top 10 games of ALL TIME so im absolutely going to buy this game.

SmielmaN1308d ago

Same here DP. hehehe

That game was one of the best of last gen for sure and if ppl haven't played it they are really missing out. Multiple routes, multiple play styles, engaging futuristic storyline. Just a great game. Can't wait for this one.

ScorpiusX1309d ago

2015 is looking like the best year in gaming ever ,so much fun incoming .

MilkMan1309d ago

Doubtful, unless they want to dump all this now and "focus on mobile" like the losers said before.
I'm thinking they'll need something for 2016 and basically they don't know or understand anything other than FF titles.

kraenk121309d ago

I actually believe this will be a 2015 game for sure. They said coming soon. They wouldn't do this for a 2016 release. Most likely gonna see a release date at E3.

Agent_00_Revan1309d ago

Too soon. They only just announced it. The holiday season is already packed. At best, spring 2016.

SmielmaN1308d ago

I don't know, I would buy this game before AC or COD any day. I think it could do well with a holiday release.

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