Valve Isn't Evil, They Just Don't Understand People

In recent times, people have taken to calling Valve “evil.” Not negligent, not out of touch with their fans, but evil.

I do not think Valve is evil. But I think it matters that people have started to view them—once gaming’s do-no-wrong golden child—that way. I think Valve’s brand of “evil” comes from a place of arrogance and ignorance, as opposed to ill intent. Actions that sometimes look “evil” even without intending to be. A belief that tools and metrics say more than people.

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rodiabloalmeida1313d ago

EA and Ubisoft are evil. Valve is our savior, even if it makes mistakes sometimes.

Saryk1312d ago

Valve didn't make a mistake. They did exactly what they wanted to do. You get a true opinion when you say you going to do something than when you ask people about doing something.

I think that the vocal minority played right into it. Valve will re-wrap it's package and full Steam ahead!