Naruto Storm 4: Jinchuriki Obito Character, Story Battle Confirmed

A brand new scan from Jump magazine confirms the older version of Obito, with the power of the Ten Tails in side him.

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tayz942d ago (Edited 942d ago )

This boss battle looks like it will be really fun!

Irishguy95941d ago

That happened in the anime already too...

hkgamer941d ago

looks kinda cool, but I will wait for the next naruto game. one where they will have every bit of content available to them.

rezzah941d ago

Not only that but u get it at a cheaper price too.

Patience :)

LiamCell940d ago

Like the full burst edition? Or another game altogether?

BG11579941d ago

What a great spoiler for those that don't read the manga! ^^

dohji941d ago

Look how sad Obito looks, causing all that chaos over lost punani that he wasn't ever gonna get in the first place...he knows now he went too damn far.

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