BOXBOY! – Full Review : 3DSBlessed

Cyburn writes : "HAL Laboratory (famous for Kirby and Smash Bros) have brought a new puzzle platformer to the 3DS eShop in the form of BOXBOY! Sit back and allow me to share my thoughts.

The main character “Qbby” (who is pretty much a small box with two eyes) is charged with the task of collecting crowns in this game. Using these he must use his special power (which is to create boxes and then detach them) to generate stairs, allowing him to solve puzzles and reach the exit. The number of boxes that can be created, plus how many can be used, varies from level to level, which encourages players to think of the most effective way to complete each level. Depending on whether you collected all the crowns in the level you are awarded with coins to spend in the shop where you can purchase challenges, techniques, or even costumes to customise your character".

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