Konami CEO "Mobile Future Of Gaming", "Main Platform"

Konami's CEO Hayakawa Hideki on the future of the company and how Konami thinks that mobile games are the future of gaming. The CEO also states that Mobile will be Konami's main platform.

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AudioEppa1229d ago

This September I will be buying my last game from them.

-big boss

Septic1229d ago

Well, bye bye Konami as we knew them.

darthv721229d ago

Sega going mobile, konami going mobile, nintendo toying with the idea...

place your bets, place your bets on who will make the transition next.

mikeslemonade1229d ago

Mobile causing the extinction of AAA. We already see Japanese AAA games developing smaller budget games.

Most gamers don't see this but I will not a spend a dime on any of these new small budget titles.

breakpad1229d ago

BoyCott ...i never bought , i will never buy digital garbage ...oh Konami(also Sega , Capcom etcetc) if you find so appealing mobile crap gaming look how s Zynga going and other companies with crappy mobile games. i wonder into WTF they will mutate MGS making it mobile and without Kojima By the way Kojima now can definately join a proper dev team like Japan Software of Sony 's which are real artists and still create Games with G capital

DevilOgreFish1229d ago

@ darthv72

"Sega going mobile, konami going mobile, nintendo toying with the idea.."

Nintendo has had their foot in mobile gaming since the gameboy.

dj3boud1229d ago

i stay away from mobile phone gaming like its the plague. unless its Mobile Gaming as in 3DS or PSVita then its welcome.

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DragonKnight1229d ago

How many companies have said that mobile is the future of gaming? How many times have PC and console gaming proven that that's simply not true? Why don't they just admit that mobile isn't the future of gaming, it's just a very cheap way of doing business for them. They want to be lazy, they want to be the perfect example of the Free Market, that being offering as little as possible while making as much as possible.

Fil1011229d ago

Nail on the head my friend, couldn't have said it any better.

Septic1229d ago

Maybe the talent is dwindling within the team which is why they are tackling the easier mobile market. To be honest, with Kojima's departure and Pro Evo series falling in popularity, what else is there?

morganfell1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Kojima's departure was driven by Konami's plans, not the other way around. Kagemaza Kozuki's decision to move not only to the mobile market but the E-gambling market, drove this decision. His known dislike of Kojima's time consuming development habits combined with the above led to his removal as an exec and the shuttering of KojiPro.

EDIT: I am happy with this. MGS is done. Kojima needed to be unshackled in order to continue to create. Any major company will give him a blank check and total freedom.

I just want him to make a game with a character named Snake called Escape From New York.

darthv721229d ago

to some degree... all these companies that proclaim it to be the future are not entirely wrong. they are just going about saying it wrong.

Mobility is a convenience and the future is going to be more about convenience. the timing is wrong but the idea is sound.

it's been an idea for a long time and the tech has been steadily improving to the point where these companies keep testing the waters. Like 3d and the soon... VR.

These ideas will stumble each time until the market is ready and consumers are receptive. until then... let them stumble.

MacrosTheBlack1229d ago

Most mobile games are trash. Free to play is borderline criminal. Let these companies try & fail at mobile. It'll give me time to work on my extensive backlog.

DragonKnight1229d ago

@darth: There are physical limits at what mobility can achieve. There are always new phones coming out with all kinds of supposedly badass specs that put dedicated devices to shame, but the gaming market never migrates there for the simple reason that gamers know what we want. We don't want watered down experiences, games with terrible controls, and obvious limitations. It's not to say that there can't be a time where mobile improves greatly, but all tech improves over time and so too will PC and console gaming.

Mobile may be convenient, but it's not as deep as PC or console gaming.

Gwiz1229d ago

" Sega going mobile, Konami going mobile, Nintendo toying with the idea...

place your bets, place your bets on who will make the transition next."

I say Square Enix,because they already said that.

I think it's funny though most of them being originated
in Japan or at least not being a typical Western company.

joeorc1229d ago


while I do in fact see where you are coming from, its just that do you remember what happened to the PDA device and what happened to it as a device when the Phone and it was converged?

Despite what many on here want including Me. We are the Minority of the Market Trends. What I am pointing out is in very blunt terms is cold hard Numbers.

1) the Game console market has shrunk while the Mobile market has not only outpaced new PC purchases. But the Mobile Phone is now a Main general Use Compute device. That of course does not mean PC is going anywhere, it just means that an on hand quick access Compute platform is now in a majority of consumers reach at such a low cost of entry that its getting to the "throw away " level of distribution.

2) even at that level, these smatphones hardware wise the chipsets inside along with the performance index/cost and power requirements needed to run advanced 3D Gaming has been able to make such gaming now a reality on low cost of entry for the consumer and developer and publisher. ROI for investment on Mobile far and away is more enticing due to Low investment of not just creative new iP , but existing Port and Publish of legacy IP is now more enticing.

3) the Level in Hard ware inside even Low costing Pay as you go and Low cost Mid Tier Hardware is able to run advanced enough game's that to many general consumer's is more than enough.

the fact that a big publisher like Rockstar games GTA : San Andreas can run and run well on a
20.00 Smartphone with such smart phones even having dual core 1.1 to 1.3 GHz, add in an Adreno 305 GPU or Mali 400MP2 with 1GB of system ram.
the Phones are able to run what used to be only a PC or Game console game is now on a general Use Compute Device. With its main purpose is being communication!

That is what I think many are really over looking, the fact of the matter, is Game consoles are fantastic and all I use them all the time. TThe problem is convergence Like the PDA the mobile market and the console market is going to overlap now but not in a small way.

Its in a big way due to like the PC is a General Compute device. Smartphones are also designed along the same lines. The key point is the speed of advancement and the cost in adoption is low enough for Mobile that its now a market that has expanded and increased in such a short PD. Of time that its growing faster as a market than even PC and consoles are.

Many publishers like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft along with all the large 3rd party see that the market today is not like it was 10 to 15 years ago, what was the main way of game distribution and what is the main platform software driver yesterday may not be the main driver today.

Mobile like it or not is a vary large and healthy software driver.

dumahim1229d ago

Their future is mobile because they can make a TON of money with much less investment than full games for PC or console. In the end, these are companies and their primary goal is to make money. While the saying may not make a whole lot of sense in the US (or maybe even other markets around the world) but it would seem that in Japan, mobile is the way to go.

HighResHero1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

It will be interesting to see their titles sitting next to "games" people like me and MANY others can churn out in a few days.
This is doing wonders for their credibility and it seems to be making sure all of their eggs do fall in one basket.
Hopefully they will see the light.

blackblades1229d ago

Mobile ain't my future that's for sure.

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bennissimo1229d ago

I'll beat you to it. I don't plan on buying even MGSV.

Fez1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I'm kind of feeling the same - and not because Konami seem to be messing everything up lately.

I remember when MGS3 was coming out I tried to get as much information as possible about the game which at the time for me meant magazines. And when the MGS4 release was approaching and I was away on holiday all I could think was I hope the plane doesn't crash so I can get home and play some MGS!

With V and Ground Zeroes, I haven't got anywhere near the same excitement. Which is strange because the gameplay in ground zeroes is a massive improvement - it's like Peacewalker on consoles which is brilliant.
Maybe it's because I know the series should have ended at 4 as the perfect send off to the saga. Prolonging it now just does not make sense to me and can only bring the series down in my estimations. Can another MGS game live up to it's predecessors?

Imagine how great a 10 year hiatus or so would be and then bam, MGS with The Boss as the main character and a whole new cast and story!

Edit: I think I know what has got me so down about the new MGS - the loss of David Hayter. He is Snake (Both solid and naked). I gave Keifer a chance in Ground Zeroes and he was pretty poor, felt like a different character. I am still hoping for a David Hayter appearance as Solid Snake which might get me excited again about the game.

bennissimo1229d ago

I fell asleep during the MGS4 cutscenes. Literally. I'm not spending $60 for more of the same.

3-4-51229d ago

* Mobile is the future of gaming for companies who want to go bankrupt or rout of business within the next 5 years.

* 500 + games a day are introduced to the mobile market.

Your competition grows by 500 daily.

NO smart business man invests into a market like that for the long term.

* Imagine if tomorrow, another 500 car companies started.

It would effect the big 3 a bit, but more than that, 490 of those 500 car companies would be out of business within a year.

* The big mobile last hurrah is upon us.

They are trying to make one big last push before it becomes apparent that Mobile games aren't being played by people who like real games.

* Mobile gaming is the future for keeping people occupied while standing in line at the store.

That and only that.

* The sad thing is, the CEO's make these decisions, and we the gamer have to suffer with them ruining things that other people created.

People at that level aren't creative. They don't bring anything to the video games world, they just take away and ruin.

* Seems like a few executives in this industry have the opposite of the Midas touch.

darthv721229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

i get where you are going but your analogy is slight off. think of the big 3 in auto making like the big 3 in mobility. IOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

all 3 of which would embrace the entry of 500+ new games / apps a day. That would be like the big 3 auto makers coming up with 500+ new models of cars a day.

not all will be hits but the ones that are go on to sell to others and they tell their friends who tell their friends and so on and so on.

if anything, these smaller indie developers are the ones who are in fear that their territory is being imposed on by the bigger names of Sega, Konami and Square as well as EA and soon even Nintendo who are dipping their toes in mobility.

for their games to be a hit, they have to be cheap and appealing. Maybe even free to play...?

HighResHero1229d ago

Even individuals are leery of investing too much time/money in mobile development.
It was a noble attempt and some people even bought into it.
I'm sure you remember those ridiculous articles about "mobiles" becoming more powerful than desktops/consoles also. The ones that assumed that desktops/consoles wouldn't also become more powerful and totally ignored laws of physics, manufacturing constrains, logic, space limitations, etc.
Just wanted to highlight another ridiculous aspect of the whole thing.

comebackkid98911229d ago

Forgo The Phantom Pain or buy it used. Koji isn't getting a dime from your gratuity.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1229d ago

Well now we know why they went to shit so quick,

G3n3raL861229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Rest in Peace, Konami.

morganfell1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Lay in torment, Konami.