Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Developers explain waiving multiplayer mode

With Assassin’s Creed Syndicate players can expect a pure single-player adventure. Why Ubisoft dispensed with now announced the successor to a multiplayer component, the developers now led from accurate. Thus, one wants to be better focused on the roots of the series, it says. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate yet published in autumn for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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DarkOcelet1231d ago


Took you long enough, i hated the mp in AC. Hopefully this one is awesome. That news actually sparked some hope in me for the series again.

TFJWM1229d ago

I had some fun with the MP but if dropping it means a deeper better single player I'm all for that. I think they might switch to MP included every other year after Unity.

Aery1229d ago

It's from one of my old post.

To me the AC multiplayer have always been enjoyable and, looking back all the AC releases, looks like this component *never* detracted anything from the main game.
Unity, probably one of the worst entries of the series is the only one that didn't feature the MP.

So, was it really the MP what needed to be cut in order to have a good AC game ?

DarkOcelet1229d ago

Yes, because all the resources will be spent on actually making a decent story and a better protagonist.

Since the beginning of the mp, the SP quality of the game dropped and the protagonists became so boring. Hopefully this one feature has a good story.

kassler1229d ago

1 and 2 didn't have MP?

chippychan1229d ago

@ kassler, neither did AC: Rogue and I never even missed it.

I'm personally indifferent to multiplayer since I never use it (crappy internet and all). I just hate it when a game requires you to play multiplayer to obtain a platinum trophy.

Nirvaniac1229d ago

And Co-Op Free! Even Better!

TFJWM1229d ago

Hmm I don't think removing co-op makes it better...

FattyBoy3D1229d ago

Co-op was one of the only good things about unity but to each their own

Revolver_X_1229d ago

I agree. Never liked the pvp aspects, but coop in Unity was super fun and rewarding.

ironfist921229d ago

Seems a shame coop isnt integrated into this. At least 2 player story coop. Wouldve been seemless and inclusive especially with Jacob and his Sister and dropping in and out between them.

Skate-AK1229d ago

Now that would make sense. Even if it was only a series of missions.

Clown_Syndr0me1229d ago

I think co op missions on Unity are so good! & I really miss the MP of brotherhood and Black Flag and would love it to make a return.
Never mind!

Activemessiah1229d ago

If this makes the game playable on release then so be it

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