Inside Microsoft Studios: Meet a HoloLens Producer, Shana

This week for Inside Microsoft Studios we have found someone who currently works with Microsoft HoloLens and has previously worked on an impressive amount of different game franchises. I know, I know. We talked with someone from HoloLens last week, but I keep running into so many fun people from this group. So, again this week, let’s meet another member from the HoloLens team. Meet Shana

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Moldiver1074d ago

Yes! go girl! I just like seeing diversity in an industry, that often gets called out for some of its racist/sexist practices.

christocolus1074d ago

Well said. Its also amazing how many games she has worked on. Dmc1 ,Dmc3,MK, Street Fighter, MvC, Remember me,UT, Okami, Resi Evil, Mega Man and basically all the EA sports games etc.

She must be really good.

1074d ago
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Mikefizzled1074d ago

I like she calls NASCAR out as turn left simulator. Great read.

WhyHate1073d ago (Edited 1073d ago )

Great read!! I'm looking forward to what she is working on next!