China will become the world’s top market for mobile games by 2016

In 2016, China is expected to blow past the US for the first time, hitting US$7.7 billion in mobile gaming revenues to become the top market for mobile games.

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AudioEppa947d ago

I really like to see some developers out of China make games for the home console, would like to see what kind of visionary talent they have to offer.

But mobile? Meh

Serenity25946d ago

That would be nice. China is a juggernaut.

SaveFerris947d ago

Is that because they have the most mobile users? Well, most smartphones are probably made in China at least.

plmkoh947d ago

You can be sure there will be another 99999+ Romance of the Three Kingdom clones.

Tzuno947d ago

China will have the biggest economy power on earth in a few years.

wakeNbake947d ago

Which will mean absolutely nothing considering the country has a dismal GDP per capita, no human rights, and produce barely anything of quality that isnt designed in America or Japan first.

gangsta_red946d ago

Are people still not seeing why so many companies are devoting more time and resources to the mobile market?

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