Adorable Chinese idols appear in promo images for "Motianji" game

A batch of new promotional images have been released for Chinese mobile game "Motianji", featuring the adorable members of Shanghai idol group SNH48 who are the spokesmodels of the game.

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GiantFriendlyCrab1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Asian women are very feminin unlike here in the west, especially in america where they act like total feminazi bitches

ameliabaz1186d ago

I'm guessing you haven't been to too many Asian countries then...

5yb5n6u1187d ago

why did every asian mobile game features supposed famous asian chick in various state of undress?

i mean, why cant we do the same here?
put justin bieber in call of duty commercial, use him as some kind of in game character with dlc, im sure thats a money spinner

dragooner1186d ago

Girls in SNH48 are all beautiful.

Sonyslave31186d ago

I prefer the Japanese AKB48 they are better looking imo.