Nintendo Announces E3 Plans: No Conference, Return Of Nintendo World Championships

Pashford Murano discusses Nintendo bringing back the Nintendo World Championships, and what madness could ensue as a result.

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stragomccloud1258d ago

I'm really happy about this. Nintendo surprised everyone last year with their stellar performance. They really knocked it out of the park. I was totally expecting them to crash and burn last year since they announced that they would not be holding traditional conference.

1258d ago
3-4-51258d ago

Digital Event + 3 straight days of Treehouse Live.

99% of us are watching from our computers anyways right?

So what difference does live conference vs digital make ?

* You can't watch them all at once right ?

What do you do ? Watch the videos via a website afterwords.

* How is that any different than a digital presentation ?

It's basically the same thing.

With Nintendo though, instead of it being done after the 2-3 presentation, you get 3 days of live coverage.

* Last year, I enjoyed all the presentations, but I was constantly glued to that Nintendo treehouse or had it going on in the background while looking at other stuff.

* I'm thinking Sony & Microsoft took notice and will incorporate a similar tactic.

gerbwmu1258d ago

I prefer the digital event to a stage show....more entertaining for the common fans. I'm guessing the Media would rather have the live show though.

Excited to see what games the NWC consists of. I really hope whatever it is, they put it on the eShop after with daily online leader boards for the rest of us to compete.

comebackkid98911258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

E3 is my superbowl, you wouldn't watch the superbowl prerecorded.

DevilOgreFish1258d ago

@ ago
"E3 is my superbowl, you wouldn't watch the superbowl prerecorded"

True, and will always be. I think though with a personal event held, you could actually maximize on the games, because you're not sharing the time with anyone.

wheresmymonkey1258d ago

So you'd rather have basically the halftime show and commericals but not the actual football then.

Nintendo do the Digital presentation and then spend three days extensively showing off everything they've announced in great detail, live.

Sony and MS will give a handful of mostly CGI trailers and leave. Nintendo show real gameplay for extended periods. And bring almost everything in the presentation that they've shown to the show floor for attendees to actually play.

there's no competition. Nintendos coverage is just better.

-Foxtrot1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

The whole point of E3 is to get all eyes on your reveals, having small directs which the "common fans" will see is not very good exposure.

AKR1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Didn't stop them from cleaning house last year.

Honestly; it doesn't matter. The only people who benefit from a live show are mainly the press. Gamers could see a livestream of it, yeah, but how is that any different from a prerecorded show?

On top of that, you have people who can't catch it live either way, so they'll be watching recorded versions of the show anyway. Then you have those who don't like watching presentations at all, and just read detail roundups.

My point is: Having a prerecorded presentation has no disadvantage to a live show. In fact, it's actually an ADVANTAGE, as there's no awkward moments and less filler.

The 10th Rider1258d ago

Well, the treehouse stream that ran for a few days was highly successful and widely watched, I wouldn't be surprised to see other companies following suite and adding streams of their own within the next few years.

WeAreLegion1258d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft were streaming things from the show floor all week last year. Why does everyone forget this?

jcnba281258d ago

Yeah but like, they won E3 last year according to most polls.. so what's your reasoning for that?

-Foxtrot1257d ago

Cleaning the house

Won E3

....opinions, nothing more.

jcnba281257d ago

"....opinions, nothing more."

Well done, you're learning.

The 10th Rider1257d ago

Well, Sony and Microsoft may have both had streams, but they're weren't as widely advertised, pushed, well put together, or successful as Nintendo's. Nintendo got a lot of exposure from their treehouse stream. It wasn't just their Direct at E3 last year. Two years ago when they first dropped the stage presentation? That was bad.

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maniacmayhem1258d ago

I did too, their reveal was like back to back exciting trailers and it was filled with gameplay and only exclusive titles for Nintendo.

Nintendo took last E3 and if they do the same they will definitely take this years.

KryptoniteTail1258d ago

No conference is so stupid. &b4 fanboy defenses

s45gr321258d ago

Ok no Nintendo comments