Why Destiny Is Done

Play: "Every month in Play Magazine, we take a hot topic and look at the arguments for and against. Desinty is the hot topic this time around with X-ONE’s Josh West arguing that Destiny was designed to be a time sink, rather than a great game. Come back next week for the counter argument from Play Editor Luke Albigés."

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Mr-Dude1287d ago

I was deeply dissapointed, big talks, great advertising etc. But a big lack of content what made me realise I was sitting on my couch like a zombie on auto-pilot playing this game. Gameplay is great but everything else is way below what they promised. I don't understand why people can play this everyday when there is nothing new! Same shit everyday

But als long you don't care Bungie and Activision are laughing...

Moldiver1287d ago

I played the trial on XBL and honestly it felt hollow.I think firefall is what destiny should have been. destiny is a mash up of MMO, RPG, FPS playstyles but never really feels like a cohesive experience. Just a bunch of tacked on ideas. I am aware there is a story going on in the game, but I simply was not intruged enough and dint care to go much further. The game lacks soul, imo.

bennissimo1286d ago

Same here. Played the beta for a day. Deleted said beta. Saved $60.

Moldiver1286d ago

Thank god for 'try before you buy'!

pandehz1286d ago

Firefall is brilliant

Significantly bigger and deeper

LackTrue4K1286d ago

The game has great gun play, but in my eyes it lacked story (bad)

I did enjoy the time I spend with it, but the repetitive raves.

Blink_441286d ago

Playing with friends makes a huge difference. I only play Wednesday nights with 5 of my co workers, we run crota 3 times and do VoG in a span of 3 hours. If I didn't have anyone to play with I woulda stopped long ago.

jmac531286d ago

Totally agree. Playing with friends is what made this game last so long.

rebeljoe141286d ago

Because its fun and its more than worth 60 bucks in entertainment so yeah the players are the ones who do benefit. You sound like you either haven't played it or never got pass lvl 20 and then try to complain before the game opens up and gets incredibly fun

shloobmm31286d ago

The game doesnt open up. You act like there is a treasure trove of content once you get to 20 and that's not true at all. You get VoG and Crota and then the same strikes over and over again. Hell even when they make a big deal about new missions like tbe queen missions you find its still the same missions.

JasonKCK1286d ago

So you are willing to pay $80-$100 for Destiny?

Why would you want to pay more for a game?

Mr-Dude1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )


I played from day one till half November underway there I got dissapointed. I was really looking forward to this game, played the alpha and bèta but the ultra thin story and same mission all over again nah.

So in feb i tried it again, TDB was also really mediocre be honest. I have a level 31 hunter and a 29 warlock. I will try it again, when the new dlc drops next week, because I have the seasonpass and with friends it is more fun.

I really believed in this game, still try to but Bungie dissapointed me with this unfinished game

maybelovehate1286d ago

Reason is, like you said, the gameplay is so good. It is just fun to play.

Gozer1286d ago

First, I have sunk a lot of time into Destiny. Ive had/have every exotic available for every class. I have some of the rarest faction loot in the game.

Destiny is a gambling addiction with good gunplay. Ever feel that rush when an item you want drops? You just got blackjack. Ever heard the excitement in someones voice when their first Gjally drops? The weeks they spent betting on 21 red at the roulette table just paid off. Think about it.

3-4-51286d ago

* Just started playing again this week after not playing since October.

* I'm still enjoying the regular games content, have yet to play a raid, and still haven't seen most of the first DLC content.

I have a ton of gameplay left before the September large DLC release.

* After taking a break from Destiny and playing other games plus all the other FPS games that released in 2014, I can say I really missed destiny.

* Coming back this week and playing a bit made me realize what a good game it is.

* The shooting mechanics, the player control, the speeder bike, the music, the atmosphere, the ai difficulty, the Star Wars nods & inspiration that is everywhere.

The PvP is the best this new gen aside from Plants vs Zombies: GW.

* Hate all you want, but after taking a break and coming back to it, I realized that most of the negative comments I read about it are false and misleading and sensationalized.

* The game has DLC this week, DLC planned in September and a 10 year plan.

Whoever thinks this game is done is just looking for hits and clicks.

Terrible article and I suspect some of you are working for these sites to spread the negativity.

* It's mechanics and gameplay are more solid and pure than 95% of games I've played in the past 10 years...maybe even ever.

* I've experience like no bugs, no lag, no annoying community members.

It's just a fun game that I can do a lot in at my own pace and have my own little space adventure.

It's not perfect but after seeing what else was out there, Destiny is a much more appealing least for FPS or MMO-ish type games.

Tex1171286d ago

Yup, the thing is, what Destiny does, it does very well. Problem is, it just doesn't do enough.

I have greatly enjoyed my time with the game, but I didn't go into it with high expectations.

showtimefolks1286d ago


Your 12 disagrees prove that gamers today like bring taken advantage of. Bungie took huge huge chunks of content to later sell as dlc yet ganers are ok with it

Destiny was originally advertised or hyped by bungie as

Halo game play(they delivered)

Borderlands loot(they absolutely didn't deliver)

Mass effect type story and universe which they also didn't deliver

Instead of us holding bungie and activision buy instead we have people who will defend this game to the end.

This trend will continue just as the trend to show games running I'm Hugh end pc only to downgrade them later

Why is that we don't agree on things which are wrong. Like when you bring AC:UNITY a lot of people still defend it and say it's the best looking game of next Gen

If we keep defending these publishers avd decliners than there will come a time when they will absolutely take advantage of us a lit, because they know no matter what fanboys of such gaje will defend it no matter what

Why can't we voice our concerns as one community?

Tex1171286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Interesting comment

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MysticStrummer1286d ago

Why it's not : Lots of people still play and enjoy it.

Move on and play something else if you're not one of them, mmmkay?

Owvi1286d ago

Still millions playing.
Keep trying, though.

thekhurg1286d ago

Nobody knows how many are actively playing because there has been no actual figures announced.

slinky1234561286d ago

No figures, but the amount of people watching Twitch Destiny Streamers and a DLC reveal topping 180k viewers at once is insane. Only games to do so is LOL and maybe DOTA to reach that regularly.

Neixus1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )


That's because big streamers gets viewer requests to play new dlc when it comes out.

In other words, the most popular streamers who bring in 40k+ people, does not play this game regurarly, only when new content release.

FamilyGuy1286d ago


He was referring directly to the Prison of Elders Twitch reveal where over 100,000 people were watching the stream at one time. It was right there on the screen and the chat log running a mile a second attested to the numbers. This IS still popular, whether Activision announces the hard numbers or not.

bennissimo1286d ago

And how many played it for a bit in the beginning only to realize that they wasted $60 and then immediately stopped playing to trade their copy in for a better game?

Spotie1286d ago

Not nearly as many as a lot of you would like to believe.

Pathogenic1286d ago

The nail in the coffin will only come if they don't change the face of Destiny. I will admit that Destiny lacked content at the beginning and a game that was stripped into DLC just to sell. But after months of not playing and hearing negative comments I thought it was the end for this game.

I said to myself "It's done and nothing will change because the developer won't listen to their community" Then my buddy tells me that Bungie is changing the way we play Destiny and there're finally listening to the fans. Implementing ideas we had, etc.

After that I decided to play through the first expansion for the first time and get ready for the House Of Wolves release. I am excited to play Destiny again but mark my words if Bungie doesn't deliver on what they say, it will be the final nail in the coffin for me and other gamers alike.

Just my opinion

Peace_Love_and_FPS1285d ago

Well said, interesting opinion. I think I'm in the same boat, they've got to nail HoW, then if comet is very impressive I'll continue with the next two expansions past that.

Number 2 will have to bring a lot of new ideas to the table though, and more lactations, more focused story, I think Bungie needs a bigger team or they need to ditch last generation consoles because this game was stripped for release.

It will be interesting.

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