Ratchet and Clank PS4 Reboot: Insomniac Explains Reason For Delay, Promises In-Game Screenshots Soon

GearNuke: "Ratchet & Clank PS4 Reboot was delayed from its initial 2015 release date to Spring 2016. The game is now expected to launch alongside the movie, which is now scheduled for April 29 2016 release."

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Germany71308d ago

All that's left to do is wait, i was really excited to play the game this year, i was hoping for a lot of details on E3 too. Looks like the movie will be great, it has a great potential.

F0XHOUND1308d ago

I bet you're actually a die hard crash bandicoot fan, right?

sonic9891308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

i am a crash bandicoot fan too whats the problem ?
i love platformers more than all the other genres you its different to each person .
the delay isnt a good news for me i was hoping for this year release right now tearaway is the only meaningful platformers that i want .
EDIT : oooops you like platformers too sorry i thought you were one of those jerks of nowadays sorry again .

Germany71307d ago

I'm really am, huge fan of 3D platformers in general. :)

barb_wire1308d ago

Considering who made the movie.. I have little, to no faith in it.

Ultr1308d ago

The trailers were amazing. So I dunno what you mean.

barb_wire1308d ago


Seriously, the trailers released April 2013 or the ones from E3 2014, those trailers?

You do know that the movie was supposed to come out July 2015.. yet since the beginning the year, no new trailers of 'actual' movie footage have been released. For the last month or so, they've been conducting test screenings, given the recently announced delay and additional 'big name' stars added to the cast in the last 24hrs.. I can only summise that those test screening were disastrous.

Ultr1308d ago

Well I'll wait till I see it myself before I start with the assumptions.
What if sony saw that the movie is going to be super mega awesome so they gave them more money and time to bring it to the next level? Yeah why would you even think that. Start with the negativity :)

barb_wire1308d ago


Well, if Sony thought what they saw was super mega awesome, why wasn't the Sony owned, Sony Pictures Animation Studio the ones making it? After all, Sony owns the Ratchet IP and have an internal animation studio as well..

Odd business decision to give your IP to another animation studio who biggest claims to fame, are 'Escape from Planet Earth' and 13 'Barbie' movies.
But, yeah, why would you even think that. Start with the enthusiasm :)

Ultr1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Because Sony picture wasn't even thinking about a movie. Then rainmaker approached them. They showed them some nice stuff. And here we go. Btw there already was a screening and turns out the audience loved it. Head on into desaster right?
The barbie movies are extremely low budget. No wonder they are not going to blast you away.
Escape planet earth looked very good in my opinion

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Kribwalker1308d ago

Loved the PS3 ratchets, will definitely be one of my reasons to add a PS4 alongside my Xbox one, been playin ratchet since PS2 days, and after sunset overdrive I'm excited to see their next game

F0XHOUND1308d ago

I'm hyped for a current gen game in this genre. This and s new Hai game would be awesome. I'd love to see naughty dog do something in this genre this gen :)

F0XHOUND1308d ago

Damn auto correct, Hai = jak lol

dRanzer1308d ago

the cutest pair in gaming world are now gonna be the cutest in the movies world

Harkins17211308d ago

Can't believe the people bitching at insomniac. Like there's not games to keep you busy in the meantime.

sigfredod1308d ago

So basically according to this statement the reason is the delay the movie tie in, so the game is ready, shame since i only care about the game not the movie, pure bussines reasons , Meh

Axecution1308d ago

Yeah that's pretty much what he said. Hopefully they're still working on the game and the extra time helps them out.

The fact that it was ready to release in Q4 2015 yet we don't even have a screenshot is a bit bothersome...

It's Insomniac though and Ratchet's their baby so I'm sure it'll be good. Strange though

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