VGU Talks: What Will Nintendo Bring To E3?

E3 is on the horizon yet again and us gamers start to question what the big companies are going to be bringing to the dance. In this edition of VGU Talks, Dom goes over his expectations from Nintendo and what they could be bringing with them to E3 2015.

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Loadedklip1312d ago

I will be very disappointed if the don't show a new Metroid game.

PigPen1312d ago

I want to see Fatal Frame 5 & Devil's Third.

DoggyBiscuit1311d ago

I already know Nintendo gonna announce Animal Crossing for Wii U and another Wii port for the New 3DS, I'm hoping they announce a new Metroid and another mature game like Devil Third I know these types of games won't sell on the Wii U but Nintendo need to make the effort if they want the core gamers back