Are We About to Hit Another Gaming Depression?

VGP comments on the similarities between the video game crash of 1983 and console gaming today. Do things need to change or are we doomed to repeat the past?

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PoSTedUP3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

"Will your next Playstation have you waiting two years before you play your first worthwhile game on it."

^ummm... most likely not cause that has never been an issue : P

ps3 is on its 2nd year. not 3rd....

MS's next console will not have the same hardware issues. i gaurentee it.

@ ReBurn- yea man that made me go cross eyed when i read

ReBurn3774d ago

This guy lost all credibility to me due to the poor grammar. "Whether your a fan of Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony, they are by and large all doing very well." My eyes are bleeding.

Things are different now than they were back then, really. The only real shovelware is on the Wii due to the lower cost of development, and I can't see how the Wii alone can tank the whole market. I remember 1983 very well, and what we have today is nothing like that. Electronic entertainment is part of our culture today. It was just a novelty back then.

What I hope happens is that the companies that produce utter crap dry up and blow away as consumers vote for quality with their money. There's loads of quality out there. In 1983 there was very little quality software.

Man I wish Activision was as great today as they were back then. They could make an awesome Pitfall game today.

Panthers3774d ago

The big 3 have standards that games have to make in order to make it to the shelves. This was done to prevent the crash like back then. The games today are all better than the crap people were putting out back then. Even the worst games of today still beat out a lot of the bad ones then.

callahan093774d ago

2 years?

The PS3 hasn't even been out for 2 years yet, and it's already had plenty of worthwhile games to play. It had its first worthwhile game on day 1 with Resistance. Within a year there was Warhawk, Ratchet & Clank, and Uncharted. All of which are amazing games. By now you've got Metal Gear Solid 4. Multiplats like Grand Theft Auto IV and Oblivion and whatever else you feel like mentioning. 2 years? That's quite an exaggeration. The system is fine and good and dandy and well and all the other adjectives you want to use to denote how worthwhile it is and blah blah blah.

Spydr073774d ago

I do believe I read on here that Nintendo had no real quality standards. I think it was in an article about the horrendous amount of shovelware on the system.

StephanieBBB3774d ago

I would have to agree with most of you here.

The PS3 is going steddy with alot of exclusives and great games coming out.

The xbox360 needs to step it's game up and start to get some truly innovative and mindblowing exclusive games or it's over for it.

Multiplatforms starts to become a thing of the past.

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Overr8ed3774d ago

soon... not this gen though. I think that we are in a high point in gaming but soon once everyone rips off each other and shows no innovation then the gaming industry is going to show an another Depression

Hagaf223774d ago

when he refers to the overpopulation of crappy games- that should go on the console makers, they have the last say what games are available on their system. hold developers to higher standards and games will constantly become better.


Asurastrike3774d ago

lol the PS3 has only been out a year and a half.

Panthers3774d ago

Yup and I think everyone is past the whole 'no games' argument. This guy is a moron.

patinahelix3774d ago

Thank you guys for pointing out my horrid grammar. I've fixed what you have talked about. The Playstation being in it's 3rd was a typo, sorry.

PoSTedUP3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

no problem dude. thanks.

Solid_Snake6663774d ago

but correction PS3 has only been on the market for about a year and a half...

iAmPS33774d ago

He doesn't have facts to back up his theory, everything on the market has drawbacks, everything, that doesn't mean the companies are not going to address them and lose customers.

The gaming market will grow just like any other tech/entertainment market.... exponentially.