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Submitted by soul 2765d ago | news

The Last Remnant announced for PC

Square Enix has just announced that The Last Remnant will be released for the Xbox 360 worldwide on November 20, 2008.The PlayStation 3 release date hasn't been announced yet.

In addition, Square Enix has announced that a Windows version is in development, as well. No release date was announced. (PC, PS3, The last Remnant, Xbox 360)

decapitator  +   2765d ago
This was actually announced at the Microsoft conference. I guess "Definite"(PC) version confirmed then. Sucks because I really wanted to play this on my PS3(since its the only consoles I have) this year but seeing as how that won't happen, PC version get.
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NO_PUDding  +   2765d ago
Just wait.

Even Star Ocean 4 will come to PS3 eventually. Cus exclusivity deals come to an end at some point.

Square is just too greedy to do it any other way.

EDIT: I say greedy, that's just harsh, games cost a lot of money. They can't really afford to have exclusives. Until PS3 is a big player, things will be multiplatform.
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Real gamer 4 life  +   2765d ago
Yea it will come to the ps3. Probably with extra exclusive content like eternal sonata and bioshock. One thing i noticed is that all microsoft timed exclusive always get release for the ps3, with extra content. It sometimes seem like developer reward us for waiting a little bit longer.
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decapitator  +   2765d ago
Yeah but that kinda stupid though. I mean, I don't mind having multiplatform games but what I hate is when I gotta wait after the game has been released before I can get my fill of the action. Sony need to seriously do something about it.

But nonetheless, good for 360 owners.
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Harry190  +   2765d ago
I thought this news had already been posted on N4G.

Soul why did you disagree with me? Do you have a problem?
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SixTwoTwo  +   2765d ago
The wait sucks but for the RPG gamers like myself we still have Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata. Then theres atleast a dozen other titles out this fall that will definitely get you atleast reaching for your wallet.
decapitator  +   2765d ago
Yeah, but if you really think about it, We are getting Valkyria on time but Eternal Sonata is later as well....but ah, whatever, Will get both. My backlog is so freaking huge right now


Soon to be purchased:
Naruto Ultimate Ninja
solidt12  +   2765d ago
I own a PS3 also and want to buy this game.
CyberSentinel  +   2765d ago
This Year....ONLY ON XBOX-RPG-360!
<-@decapitator ( <-next zone over): If the game is coming to 360 on Nov 20, what makes you so sure if will be available for pc "BEFORE" 2009?

<-@Real gamer 4 life: It's nothing more then an incentive to get you to buy an old game, kind of like how we got split screen for UT3.
(which I did preorder and buy btw for 360)

*suggestion to moderators, why not rename this zone to either....

Fanboy Zone


War Zone

Gamer Zone and Fanboy Zone....I think it would be much more fitting as well as entertaining for the site.
Just a suggestion.
Peace out.
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Playstation Man  +   2765d ago
Greedy, greedy Square...
2007 was the year of shovelware for Square

2008 looks to be the year of good-but-not-great titles that they see as quick profits.

I'm starting to really dislike Square and I've been playing FF since Gold Cartridge NES days. Not impressed guys. I'm actually cheering on Level 5's WKC to own FFXIII. It may just do it judging by gameplay vids too.
decapitator  +   2765d ago
Dude, wait for August 1/2 , I hear something big will happen for PS3 owners.
SixTwoTwo  +   2765d ago
I miss SquareSoft.
Harry190  +   2765d ago
The only problem I hae with this announcement
is that Hashimoto is in charge of making it.
Believe...FF 7 Rebirth...Believe...comon Nomura...I heard 'shocking',just how more 'shocking' will it be than the E3 multi plat announcement.

I do miss Squaresoft too.

Wait,if it is not FF7....Vagrant Story? Xenogears? Serious Wow there. Believe. As long as it's not another one of Enix's lame franchises we haven't even heard about except in japan.
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solsub  +   2765d ago
I agree decapitator, let's see what Square has in store when they make that announcement in early August.
Real gamer 4 life  +   2765d ago
If they are going they are willing to add extra exclusive content, then i am more willing to wait. There will plenty of game this holiday season to satisfy my gaming need. Resistance little big planent bioshock eternal sonata valkary choronicles and narotu. Sony is going to rape my wallet this holiday season. And both eternal sonata and bioshock have a lot of extra exclusive content.
Real gamer 4 life  +   2765d ago
How are you sure its something good for the ps3?
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decapitator  +   2765d ago
you should listen to the 1UP yours podcast from yesterday. Shane from 1UP had an interview with one of the head guys fron SE and he reveals that there will be a special announcement about FVII: AC for Blu-ray. According to him, he has gotten more inside information about that special announcement which will tilt the momentum back to PS3 owners after the FXIII betrayalton by SE.
Corrupt  +   2765d ago
I recall Shane saying it will tilt the pendulum to the PS3 "not for good or ill".
decapitator  +   2765d ago
Yeah but if you have been following the interviews and other things conducted during E3 after the FXIII announcement, it would seem that, the decision to go multiplatofrm with the series was very recent, meaning, whatever SE should not be heavily affected. At least that's what I think.
Harry190  +   2765d ago
The blu-ray release
of FF 7 Advent Children Complete will be confirmed probably. They mentioned it n an interview. maybe they will bundle something with it too.

Complete is an extended edition with new scenes and re-cuts.
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Real gamer 4 life  +   2765d ago
What does he mesn by "not for good or ill".?
tako2000  +   2765d ago
Well, least SE do spread the love of LR on nearly all console, perhaps Wii version at August?

@Real gamer 4 life
I guess that means several PSN titles. You know, those kind of titles that didn't really change the fact they screwed PS3 but said "hey, here is something for the pain".

ya~well, I admire your positive thinking but for me SE don't have anything to offer...

For the August announcement:

We know it's not FF7-remake since its asked million times and not a hint of good news. Even though its about that, probability to be multi-platform (remember the "not for good or ill" quote?).

We know its not SO4 on PS3, this question pretty much grilled FF13 Ltd Shinji Hashimoto during an interview (claps for the reporter asked that) and we know the "reach for wider gamers" idea didn't apply on that.

We know its not KH3...well least if my memory correct, KH3 listed to be a mobile-phone game. Even if its on next gen, still multi-platform (same quote).

So what else? New IP? New Saga or Sword of Mana series? FFversus13 on X360/PC(anything is possible with SE)? or FF7:AC BD itself is the big announcement(lmao if true)?
alster23  +   2765d ago
ff13 will be on PC sooner or later
iamtehpwn  +   2765d ago
If it's on 360, they might as well put FFXIII on PC
I mean, I'll buy the PC version and the PS3 version of FFXIII.
decapitator  +   2765d ago
Am with you dudes on this.
HateBoy  +   2764d ago
Why both?
centrum2k  +   2765d ago
SE is like hungry little dog now. finally some jrpg for pc.
alster23  +   2765d ago
yeah my friend wanted a JRPG on pc
CAPT IRISH  +   2765d ago
spread the love
solidt12  +   2765d ago
Yeah Yeah we get. Square Enix is broke. They put there selves in this position by kissing the Nintendo DS butt for the last few year and not bringing out any new Playstation games. That's what they should have been working on. They are not the same company anymore and they are wearing themselves very thin. Focus on FF XIII then go do your Ipod and DS games. Stop trying to make 4-5 big games at one time on all platforms and maybe you can get one done.
Esena  +   2765d ago
Yea man. I completely agree. SE is a joke nowadays. Saying they wanna crush 'fanboyism' yet release timed exclusive and fully exclusive titles for other systems. I don't care if they want to do that -- but just don't say that you wanna try and unify gamers then pull these stunts.
DudePV  +   2765d ago
I wonder what kinda of requierement will it need to run the game. Because it kinda rare to see JRPG on the computer. I can't really compare any JRPG requirement with anything else right now. Since i almost never hear JRPG on computer exept FF VII and FF VII.
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Charmers  +   2765d ago
Well most console ports to date have not needed staggeringly fantastic PC's to run them on. Graphics card wise you will probably need a 7800gtx or 7900gtx to run the game to the consoles eqivulent. As for processor a midrange core2duo will do you. I have two PC's one is a core2duo with 8600gt and that runs the console ports at the same graphical quality and 1280 x 720 res as the console.

I have to be honest I can't say I am leaping for joy that this is coming to the PC. I usually find jrpg's extremely dull and tedious so I won't be bothering with this. But I imagine there are some out there that will be leaping for joy with this news, if so I am pleased for ya.
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Mr Fancy Pants  +   2765d ago
when you people think that the first square-enix game for the ps3 it's going to come?
why square, why you hate sony so much!!! ;-(
not even a single game in almost two freaking years!
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ElementX  +   2765d ago
How long can PS3 only gamers wait for their games? If RPGs and many other games come out for 360 first, how long are you willing to wait? Personally, I'd buy a 360 and get the games sooner. I'm planning on buying a PS3 again soon so I can play those games without waiting for timed exclusive rights to expire.
jackdoe  +   2765d ago
Looks like I'll be getting this one on the PC then (if it is good). Higher resolution, cheaper cost, and higher framerates.
ElementX  +   2765d ago
Smaller screen
Cartesian3D  +   2764d ago
dude, firstly :if you have a TV screen in your room , it wont be a problem..

just connect it to pc...

secondly: the size of a 46" screen from 2 meters away is same as a 20" monitor from 50cm(even smaller) .. so wtf are you talking about ?

BTW u had a plan to buy a PS3 since November 06 , and always say it in your comments, buy the damn PS3 and dont say BS plz..
InMyOpinion  +   2764d ago
They mentioned this at the E3 conference.
Speedy180  +   2764d ago
Cuz any game m$ gets on the 360, they have to get a PC version cuz in a way they still make money of that.
vicskim  +   2764d ago
i just want a release date for the PS3 version. i think it's pretty weak that MS has to buy timed exclusivity to a game, and make everyone else wait even longer.

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