The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review: Off The Path | Polygon

The Witcher and its sequel established a fascinating fantasy world full of politics, intrigue, magic and monsters, and rooted it all in Geralt of Rivia, one of the last of the infamous Witchers — bounty hunters created through a potentially fatal series of trials and alchemical mutations, for hire by anyone with coin to destroy monsters. The Witcher 2 placed this within an action adventure context largely linear in structure, albeit with major plot changes and entirely different second halves based on player decisions made early on.

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kingjosh18761309d ago

This reviewer seems to be a bit of a SJW.

SaveFerris1309d ago

Only a bit? Polygon, step your game up! /s

itsdarby1309d ago

The article was alright until the author started beating the 'politically and socially correct' drum. Seems they aren't aware this is a game based off of a book series and CDPR wanted to be as true to the story as they possibly could be.

Blacklash931309d ago

There's like 8 paragraphs that primarily talk about the portrayal of women characters. I'm completely unsurprised after their Bayonetta 2 review.

HammadTheBeast1309d ago


If they're worried about over-sexualizing the females, go ahead and look at the 3 witches.

moegooner881307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

" Our review of The Witcher 3 is based on non-final PS4 code provided by CD Projekt Red. In our time with the game, we saw significant technical issues, including hard crashes, endless load screens, major framerate drops both at random and during more crowded fight scenes, and failures by the game to trigger even scripts which would halt forward progress within a quest until the game was reloaded, or, on occasion, the console restarted entirely."

What is it that Polygon reviewers always encounter the most bugs. DA Inquisition, Bloodborne,.. Etc. I have the game and I have the 480 mgbs patch installed. I would say it is running fine so far. Hope that I don't run into any serious bugs.