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T9001229d ago

To be fair they should run the original PC version at 4k, since the game is so old any mid range GPU of today can easily run it in 4k. That would be a good comparison.

its_JEFF1229d ago

Okay... now if it were running at 4K, who owns a 4K TV to run it at native res? Most people only have a 1080p TV so... seems like a waste of time to even attempt it. Why create something you're audience doesn't even have the hardware to showcase? Just to say "We did it"?

jc121228d ago

Honestly, it doesnt look any better than the 360 version. Crazy.

d_g1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

so it’s confirmed

Of course Xbox one Version will be better than The Original PC

can't wait to play horde mode again

Hanuman1229d ago

Horde wasn't part of the Original Gears. Might be added though. Lol, the 2008 PC version, even with a high-end GPU, had 'console port' written all over it.

Pandamobile1229d ago

A remastered version of a game in 2015 looks better than 2008's PC version of a game from 2006?

Here's a list of people surprised by this:

T9001229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Sure it may look better, but having to pay for the game again... and even then what happens when the next xbox rolls our you are back to sqaure one.

I still have the original game on the PC, at this point if i wanted i could easily run it at 6880 x 2880 (DSR for 3440 * 1440). I think thats an amazing option on the PC platform.

PhucSeeker1229d ago

Texture, lighting and other graphics stuffs don't grow on air, people works hard for them. But of course, normally that much doesn't deserved 60$, but i'd totally pay 15$ for those.

gameseveryday1229d ago

No. The comparison is an indication about the amount of work that developers have put into the remaster. This isn't looking like a straight remaster.

IVanSpinal1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

2015 my list of games:
The Witcher 3, MGS5, Battlefront, Halo 5, Rainbow Six & Gears of War Remastered (my favorite)

kainslayer1229d ago

just for the heck i installed win 10 and put gears 1 on it to tease a fan boy friend of mine and please gears pc in 4k is way better than this black and white you tube video please change the title is misleading

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The story is too old to be commented.