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That Gaming Site (TGS) has written an article about the new PS3 exclusive

Sony revealed it's new online game by Zipper at E3 earlier this week and it's gotten us pretty excited. So far we know this,

Online battles support 256 real people
All people divided into groups of 8
Each squad will have a leader determined through the game ranking system
So they are the main facts. what we would like to see though are these,

When communicating with people, there should be an option for a box to pop up in the top right that will display their image through PS eye. This will make chatting seem more fun. If speaking to multiple people at the same time, you should be able to toggle which PS eye you watch.

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PoSTedUP3771d ago

1st person or 3rd person?

3rd person for me : )

sonarus3771d ago

My wish list is to make it the best online game ever.

skynidas3771d ago

I think i would prefer 3rd person

Mr_cheese3771d ago

Third person would be good but i think they should take a MGS tip and go first person when aiming. That way we can walk round in 1st person. bit of both ay

decapitator3771d ago

Blood. Lots of it. Kthxbai.

Domenikos3771d ago

We noticed that there was vehicles on the trailer. How about in game music played through the vehicle radio? Imagine having a squad in the back of your vehicle allowing them to listen to the music you selected through your XMB.

LOL? great idea but this is not "Grease" its War

cLiCK_sLiCK93771d ago

I perfer 3rd Person but ithink it would be smart if they do both just like MGS4.
But this time you DONT have to hold a button to keep it on 1st person.

Veryangryxbot3771d ago

It is clear that PS3 is the leading console in this video gaming industry.

Where else will you find truly unique and different games that push the limits of technology.

Wii? Gimmick. People said this 2 years ago. The hardcore fans did not agree. But now 2 years later. Where are the games. Its speaks for itself that the gimmick statement is proven without any doubt.

360? Same old games like last gen? Except that they look flashy/ better than last gen and they last about 10-15 hours shorter?

PS3 baby. Thats where it is at. The same flashy looking games that do nothing but improve some visuals and gameplay can be found here. But where else will you find technical masterpieces like MGS4 running on true uncompressed dolby surround sound? Where else will you find seemless cutscene to gameplay transaction and a story so epic that people couldnt believe their eyes?

Where else will you find unique and different games like Little Big Planet that truly revolutionizes gaming. THIS is next gen gaming. This isnt just an upgrade in visuals as many other companies like EA, Capcom and hundreds more are doing. This is innovative and different. This is living.

Where else will you find games that push the systems limits? Massive action game is set to stun and deliver. The game is 256 player online, so massive that the competition cannot even do 1/10th of it. This is what gaming is about. Pushing the system to its limits to deliver that next gen experience. And yes, only on PS3.

I could go on and on. Infamous, DC universe, R2, KZ2, Motorstorm 2, GT5 and more.

By now it is clear, whether fans from other console like it or not, that the only console truly pushing the limits of 3d gaming, is the PS3.

Have you heard the standing ovation after Sony's E3 conference? It was louder than after FF13s announcement. How is that possible? Because the people attending there realized that the true next games, are on the PS3. Because they realized that of all 3 companies, Sony is the only one innovating, pushing unique content and trying to deliver that next gen experience we had all been waiting for.

And from the looks of it, Sony is succeeding.

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thePatriot3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

I wonder how big clans are. I bet everyone in US will be in one clan and everyone is europe in another. its war after all
I have faith that this game will rock and zipper will deliver. so my only wish is for them to change the name. its ok as it is but it could be better
resistance 2 also has squads and huge numbers of players if resistance turns out great, MAG will take it to the next level. if there are some problems with people not sticking with their squad, then they can learn from resistance 2 R2 will test the waters for tru massive online shoters
@breakfast. I didnt say it was first

Breakfast3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

R2 isnt the first 60 player online shooter

Couple of years late to the party, actually.

thor3771d ago

Clan UK > Clan US


Mr_cheese3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

It is the first 60 player game of its scale on a console though isn't it? by scale i'm talking graphics and shear size?

Breakfast3771d ago

Clan CANADA > Clan 'Jump in Front of Bullets'


Mr_cheese3771d ago

It would be hard to get into a good clan if they only contain 8 players. Most people would just build their own and see what happens wouldnt they. Break out country wars!

ICUP3771d ago

Clan CANADA = Peace keeper.

Elven63771d ago

If you count MMO's on a console then yes, actually their was this one game on the original Xbox, I think Delta force that had a insane number of players online per game, I think it was like 56 or something.

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dro3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

i want it to be like mgs4 that u have the option to switch to fps or tps and when ur in tps mode i hope u can switch ur character from left to right just like mgs4 another thing is that this game should come with a free headset when u by it and i hope the do not allow team killing because i can alerday see some immature gamers killing there own team for no reason ("_")

Peow3771d ago

Zipper is notorious for that. Remember Crossroads on SOCOM 2?

Mr_cheese3771d ago

I really hope there isnt any glitches. That would totally destroy this whole game! would be like watching a security tape back.

mfwahwah3770d ago

I guarantee that there will be glitches.

Nitrowolf23771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

-in-game music (no doubt it will be there since sony developing it)
-lots of dedicated server
-lag-free matches
-tons of vehicles
-bandwidth check like on Warhawk to see how many player can be in your room (if you can host)
-ability to choose wich shooter mode (Over the shoulder, FP,3rd person)
-ability to use PS Eye
-character custamization
-vehicle customization
-weopon customization
-clan battle option in lobby. Get with your clan and choose this selection to fight with another clan.
-glitch free as possible
- good communication.
- earn extra XP for doing correct objective. This may help each squad to work as a team.

Nitrowolf23771d ago

-unlockable for each ranks.
-mybe an armor systym like in RSV1 and 2 but have it so it is not to hard to take down an enemy and not to easy
-dog tags
-in-game buddy list like Resistance one
-random respond. Or base respond depending on how big the maps are. If there to small then random respond but if there big enough then base respond.
-5-10sec invisibilitie incase spawn camp
-medal system like resistance fall of man 1
-private match mode
-tons of different game modes. perhaps take idea from COD4, Counter Strike, RSV.
-Clan learder Board. I think it would be great to be able to set up clan wars withen the game instead of popularr sites like game battles. Perhaps have the option to send a clan battle invite from withe in the game and the learder board can keep track of eacj clan and show who is the best clan out there.

TheColbertinator3771d ago

Good ideas all around.

Bubble 4 Nitro

Nitrowolf23771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

-explosive environment
-maybe a cover system of some kind
- make headshot accurate. OMG i can not tell you how many times in so many shooter games have i shot someone in the head and they not die. COD4: walk up to someone with a pistol and try to headshot them. sometimes they die and sometimes it takes more then one shot.
-Maybe lots of blood. I don't know but i want to be able to shoot someone and see something get torn off. Camping around with my sniper rifle and all of a sudden i see one guy running around and hiding ready to kill one of my teammate. I aim for his head and boom, it gone right off of there necks.
-add some gadgets. You know binoculars,night vision, heat vision, ECTs.
-speaking of night vision when was the last time a game that i played a game with them where they were actually useful?
COD4: i'm sorry but what is the main point of them online? i mean from time to time they can be useful but do you need them for any map? i mean i think it would be great to make a map that has really dark areas. like be able to walk into a building and go into a basement sweeping for an enemy where it is completely dark.
- Great graphics. seeing that there will be 256 player in a room this is the first in console for FPS (itmay be the first ever idk) but knowing that im hoping the graphic are great and dont get torn up or something when there are to many peiople in a room. i honestly think that the dev of the game can pull it off. Hopefully we will see gameplay sometime in the future.

___________BETA- this game will def. need a beta, open beta or at least do wat MGS4 did reserve the game and get a beta code

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