Game Informer E3'08: Fable 2 Updated Impressions

GI: "While the public seems to be eyeing Gears of War 2 as their next huge title, Fable 2 is looking more and more like it could steal the show. During our time with Microsoft here at E3, we were treated to an open demo of the game with famed designer Peter Molyneux. He took us around town a bit and fielded some lingering questions about the game.

First off, we got a few notes about the game itself. It's done at this point and took three years to make with a staff of 150 people. There is a huge focus on story but it's your story to create. Do you want to have a family or just roam the lands with your trusty dog? Its up to you and from what we've seen, no two experiences will be the same. There's a ridiculous amount of content in Fable 2 and we can only imagine play times will easily rival Oblivion."

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CyberSentinel3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

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Boldy3776d ago

Wow, I can't believe the amount of depth that's in this game.

Kal8533776d ago

Play times that will easily rival Oblivion? My jaws is on the floor.
Mmmmm..rpg goodness *drool*

IQUITN4G3776d ago

The one game that some Sony fans would never admit to wanting on their platform of choice

Nothing else like it

TheColbertinator3776d ago

For god's sake dont troll.

Anyway.Fable 2 is the embodiment of the creative genius of Peter Molyneux.The game has an astonishing amount of content and truly stands out among Western style RPGs.Length,replay value,and choice help flesh out this ambitious RPG.

Day 1 purchase for me by far.

Superfragilistic3776d ago

It's my most anticipated this year. I'll be one of those guys buying all the buildings in the game! lol

It's crazy, every building you buy opens up new quests. Can't wait to spend a million on the Bowerstone castle to open up those missions! :)

Now where are those XBLA titles...

Highwayman3773d ago

I agree with you Colbert.

And Super. This is also my most anticipated title as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.