Das Gamer: Sonic Unleashed Preview

Sonic is back, this time with a nighttime alter ego known as the Werehog in Sonic Unleashed. The game still focuses on running at high speed through a looping course collecting rings only now in 3-D and only by day. Once the sun goes down Sonic turns into the Werehog that runs on all fours and relies on combat instead of going hand to hand. There was no hands on time involved but the game looks like a step back from even the 'Hog's debut on Sega Genesis.

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Arsenic133771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

The day time missions look incredible, finally they bring the original feel back. Then night time, they ruined the series yet again. A wearhog, come the f**k on!. They had the game then added BS angry sonic mode. Another fail, hopefully they just build upon the better half of this game and succeed next time.

poopsack3771d ago

haveyou actually looked deaper into the nightime parts? The have added more than just some beat em up parts, theres platforming to, I mean its bad that they have really cool speed parts that are classic to the series and added a twist by making vertical platforming parts? You're like 60% of the gaming community that call themselves gamers, but just repeat what everyone else is saying.