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DarkOcelet1250d ago

It looks good. I want to see more from the campaign. And i wonder if 'Seriously' will make a comeback here.

xHeavYx1250d ago

Hopefully it's not someone messing with Unreal engine like Medievil.

DarkOcelet1250d ago


I was about to say the same thing. God, i hope not.

mikeslemonade1250d ago

Them last gen graphics. Such a pointless remaster.

gamertk4211250d ago

I know lemonade is supposed to be sour, but does it have to be so salty?!?

Braid1250d ago

Oh f*ck yeah! I've been waiting for this.

OpenGL1250d ago


The original Gears of War is already on the PC.

darthv721250d ago

well if MS were to do a one off remaster then the original Gears is a good choice. I'd prefer them making a gears collection of the 3 primary games with kick ass multiplayer across the board but...

there is always E3 to make any sort of official announcement.

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AngelicIceDiamond1250d ago

MS stuff is already getting leaked I see lol.

The GIFS look great imo.

VealParmHero1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

@Aussiegamer1...gotta love the disagrees...I mean just judging by these small clips with a relatively limited environment, the game is looking very good. I mean objectively, there seem to be some real improvements here. go figure man...people.

I am so excited for this. I really can't wait to get a glimpse at Gears 4 (or whatever it will be called).

Meltic1250d ago ShowReplies(4)
Kingscorpion711250d ago

Look's last gen to me. But I'm sure the game will be fun

fastNslowww1250d ago

it actually looks like a sharper last gen game....but keep in mind this is a REMASTER, not a REMAKE so i don't think it will get the same ammount of time nor talent like a full fledged remake would or sequel, etc.

Hopefully it turns out better...still good enough tho.

xx4xx1250d ago

Must be a while since you last played gears on a 360. These are significant improvements in graphical quality over last gen.

wakeNbake1250d ago

All those salty disagrees lmao the insecurity on this site I tell you.

StrayaKNT1250d ago

We would all be salty if xbox only released one good game in two years but xbox has had great exclusives everywhere and the rest of this year is packed so we aren't salty we are actually happy and looking forward to the best games this year :) anyways this clip looks amazing the detail is just superb

wegetsignalx1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

PS4 has launched many good games in almost two years. It is easy to confirm this at listwar.

christocolus1250d ago

Man.I Love gears of war so damn much.This is looking great. day one for me.

d_g1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

yeah it’s look like NEXT GEN GAME

Edit :

i upload the HD Footage with sound !!


Kingscorpion711250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

You serious? Unless I'm blind It looks last gen with the same game play and graphics and no innovation . Like I said earlier I'm sure the game will be fun especially the multiplayer but this does not look next gen. Batman, Witcher, will be a next gen game and very innovative

krouse931250d ago


I'm with you bud, it looks horrible lol. I mean it really looks like a PS3/Xbox360 game. No way its footage from an Xbox One.

Volkama1250d ago

@Kingscorpian You were hoping to see new gameplay and innovation? That's like coming to N4G to find a wife. You are looking in completely the wrong place. This a remaster of a game that came out in 2006.

oasdada1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Gfx look good.. must keep an eye out for this

Edit: ok got carried away by the thumbnail screenshot lol.. but still doesnt look bad.. i hope its the whole trilogy

Hayabusa 1171250d ago

Can't see anything special about the graphics,'s Gears! Or more specifically, it's return of Gears of War 1 online...who needs next gen when you have fresh heads to pop...!

Timesplitter141250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

it kinda looks like x360 graphics though. It's way too dark to even see the graphics clearly

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Blackleg-sanji1250d ago

We knew it was coming but I see no reason to add this to their holiday line up its either it comes out after e3 or july/august or 2016 their holiday is packed makes no sense to keep putting all these exclusives their on top of multiplats with that said I'm excited just waiting on the price

xwilldemise1250d ago

Why don't they remaster the whole trilogy?

Elit3Nick1250d ago

Could be time restraints, maybe they'll do like with halo and release a remaster every few years

bleedsoe9mm1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

they might have been a little too ambitious with halo

Hercules1891250d ago

Yeah, people think that delaying TMCC would have helped a lot, but I'm not sure that even 343 knew how much of a problem they had at launch. The biggest problem is that halo 1 and 2 were from 2 generations ago and sometimes an older game engine is harder to port than a new game engine, kinda like playing an old DOS game on a new gaming computer.

DanzoSAMA1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

it will be collection like HALO

Gears 1 = remaster
Gears 2&3 = ports from X360 1080/60

wegetsignalx1250d ago

Nothing has been announced at all yet.

Dlacy13g1250d ago

Very curious to see how they price this. Would love to see it be free to play and micro transaction the skins for characters and weapons.

DarkOcelet1250d ago

Oh hell no, leave that microtransaction crap out of this.

What happened to unlocking this in game progression?

Dlacy13g1250d ago

The game already had microtransactions before...this would just be eliminating an up front cost. Gears was always structured to not be pay to win so offering skins is no different than it was before.

comebackkid98911250d ago

Maybe he's Cliffy B?


_-EDMIX-_1250d ago

.......of a series of games already done? No, that makes no real sense. The game is done, do a GOTY, complete, ultimate edition etc and call it a day.

Dlacy13g1250d ago

Just was thinking out loud...but imagine them just releasing the remaster free single player and MP fully in tact with basic skins? Then similar to before you can buy different skins for weapons and character models? Offering the full game free would be a great fan service move and a huge incentive to buy an x1.

_-EDMIX-_1250d ago

...I just don't follow that logic at all. This won't sell XONEs.....I'm sorry but I don't see any ports selling systems as it makes no real sense. If they want to play it so bad and likely own a 360.....its only a few bucks to buy the whole series.

Also..I don't think people want to play it THAT BAD that they are going to buy skins etc to play it. The cost of the port likely won't even be made through that as we don't know just how far it goes in terms of development.

I legit don't agree with this whole "fan service" as it lowers the quality of the game, offers parts of game at a cost then calling it "fan service"

Last I recall MS is a business, they make a product, you buy it....thats it. I see zero reason to actually give this game away for free...

Dlacy13g1250d ago

Gears previously offered skins of weapons & characters so it's not foreign to the game. The model of free to play is something MS is already dabbling in, Fable Legends is already announced FTP and cross platform play. Giving the entire game as a free with only things like an optional flaming shotgun skin to pay for would indeed feel like fan service. But again...its likely not gonna release that way and instead will be $40 or $60 to play. Clearly that sounds more appealing.

PuppetMaster2511249d ago

Microtansactions are the worst thing in gaming. games should be about your skill, not how much money you are willing to spend.