PlayStation Vita Firmware v3.51 Now Available

A brand new PlayStation Vita firmware has been released, delivering what we assume to be a stability update in the form of minor bugfixes and performance enhancements.

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KryptoniteTail1283d ago

Time for a big update, fix some issues, like how changing memory cards screws up folders, and give the optiin to remove crap like Welcome Park. Wouldn't mind some cool additions, like Spotifyvand a return of YouTube...

Rydro1283d ago

Welcome park is not bad for those who bought Vita with no games

WMANUW1283d ago

I would say even a account system similar to ps4 . It is not possible that if I want to switch accounts must format the console, absurd. and Why I can not hold two accounts?

MegaRay1283d ago

Would be nice but I doubt itll happens, Sony want you to buy 2 Vitas >:(

NohansenBoy1283d ago

Oh boy, this going to remove ePSP FW exploits and not actually give features? I bet.

It would be nice if Sony would actually support the Vita better and do something to make me, a guy waiting on a native Vita hack, to actually give up on that and move from FW 3.18 and use the current FW. I don't see any reason to switch due to all my games being able to work and there's nothing at all interesting about later FWs.

NohansenBoy1282d ago

Also it's kinda funny how each FW update seems to do the exact opposite of what they should do; Add features.