Talim And Taki Appear To Be The Most Popular Soulcalibur Characters

Earlier in the month, Bandai Namco erected a survey where they asked people to vote for their favourite Soulcalibur characters as part of future plans for the franchise.

Over 8,100 votes later, here are how the characters are currently ranked.

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SaveFerris1226d ago

I thought Sophitia would've been higher up on the list.

Chespin1226d ago

It was "Erected" alright. Huehuehue

voodoochild3461226d ago

Every time I see someone post "huehuehue" I say it in my mind and I laugh. Every time.

Lighter91226d ago

I always think of that Borderlands DLC: "Pew pew pew! It's gun wave time!"

MWH1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

it seems Project Soul have something under their sleeve.

KryptoniteTail1226d ago

Mitsurugi, Link, Kratos, and The Apprentice are the best, IMO. Still waiting on Dante...hopefully they add someone like Crono or Cloud.

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The story is too old to be commented.