10 reasons why every fighting fan should have Mortal Kombat X

If you're a fan of fighting games—even those who have never considered picking up a Mortal Kombat game before—you'll want to make Mortal Kombat X a part of your gaming collection. Here are ten convincing reasons why.

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4Scarrs_Gaming1229d ago

MK 2 has been my favourite for many years. Played the heck out of it at the arcades and at home on the SNES. However, you have peaked my interest in MK X now. Looks like MK X will be my new favourite fighter. "Get over here"

paulhunter1229d ago

You won't be disappointed!

T9001229d ago

TBH i enjoy MK9 more than MKX. I really miss the tag battles, wonder why they had to remove those from MK X.

I still have MK 9 installed on my HTPC, so whenever friends are over we play MK 9 instead of MK X.

Masterchief_thegoat1229d ago

idk mk x is meh seen my brother playing the story and i was not as hype i was when mk9 arrive. sf5 got my attention

WCxAlchemist1229d ago

1 reason why i dont.

1) Killer instinct

4Scarrs_Gaming1229d ago

I like Killer Instinct too don't get me wrong. MK is a whole different ball game. TBH I cant wait to try this out now.

FunAndGun1229d ago

I will definitely get it when the komplete edition arrives with all the DLC. I can wait.

Akuma2K1229d ago

I'll wait on SF5, until then the ps4 version of USF4 (which comes out may 26th) will give me my fighting game fix until then.

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