Buy The Witcher 3 for £25.55, Get the Game Key a Day Early

The Witcher 3 can be gotten at a massive discount as well as being delivered a day early.

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Toiletsteak1103d ago

I wish games were as cheap as they are on PC, i just paid £45 for this but, i think this game will be worth it.

skulz71103d ago

I paid that much as well. Normally I would be more upset but considering CD Projeck Red are the most consumer friendly developers out there I am happy they are getting my full support.

T9001103d ago

I paid about 33usd on the PC.

To make a PC may cost 200-300usd more than a console, however in the long run the cheaper games and free online and perma BC more than make up for it.

Kalebninja1103d ago

Because timezones in the west, at least through gog galaxy, we get to play the game on Monday.

kingeliran1103d ago

I was going to get a steam refund and buy from that site, and then i saw you cant play a day earlier...