Steins;Gate PS Vita/PS3 Trophies Online; Warning - May Contain Spoilers

Steins;Gate released in Japan today, so naturally all of the game's Trophies are available to view online.

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crusf947d ago

Who else is excited for Steins;gate zero?

chrish1990947d ago

Not my cup of tea to be honest... Never have been able to get into Japanese games, though Gravity Rush on PS Vita is an exception - that game is wicked cool.

KryptoniteTail947d ago

I don't like SteinsGate but I like anime, and I like Visual Novels and Vita, and Trophies, so 3/4 ain't bad. Getting this.

starcatcher947d ago

I'd be more excited if I knew
NA retailers were offering the game. :(
I don't know if I can trust that river site...

TheColbertinator947d ago

Hopefully the first one sells well enough