The 90’s Arcade Racer isn’t dead after all

The Outerhaven writes:
While I’ve had plenty of discussions about the poor state of arcade racers on both the consoles and the PC platform, I was still a bit optimistic about its future when I found out about a game called, 90’s Arcade Racer. A Kickstarter funded project, 90’s Arcade Racer, is a tribute to the arcade games of the past such as Sega’s Daytona, Super GT (Scud Racer) and even Virtua Racing. It was basically a game that attempted to emulate Sega’s once proud arcade racing titles. From what I’ve seen of the game, it made me want to help the sole developer of the title, Anthony or better yet known as Pelikan13.

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Concertoine1309d ago

This game looks fabulous. Probably my most anticipated indie on wii u. I wish more of these games were coming out physically though...

DryBoneKoopa851309d ago

I totally know what you mean. If this came out at say like $20 or even $30 dollars physical I would be all over this.

As it stands its still a day 1 buy for me on the Wii U. Can't wait to add this to my library of Arcade games.

Concertoine1309d ago

They could probably get someone like Xseed to publish

kdmitchell_toh1309d ago

My only gripe is that the game was supposedly to already be released. But at the same time I understand it's a one man development show, but I just want this in my system. I miss the arcade racers of old.

MSBAUSTX1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Anyone notice the old Tube TV with push buttons it looked like in the kids room track design? When I was a kid we had a Sony TV exactly like that in the mid to late eighties. That TV fell off its stand about 6 times and worked every time we picked it up. Weighed about 200 lbs it seemed too lol. I am looking forward to this game. It looks like a ton of fun. Brings back memories of Cruisin and other great coin op arcade racing games.

Bass_fisherman1309d ago

Daytona USA arcade machines are still around in my town its still fun to play those.

Plus the game is also avaiable for PS3.