Game Changers: How Pokemon Red/Blue Changed Gaming

"I spent a fairly lengthy amount of time trying to think of the perfect subject matter for this article, which may initially seem strange because the concept of a “game changer” seems pretty straight forward and should, therefore, make possible choices very defined. The reason it took me so long to come to my final choice is because for me, something being a game changer is very specific; not only does it have to have made a significant impact on it’s industry, it needs to break those boundaries and get people outside of that industry talking about it. It needs to be something brand new even if some or many of it’s base components are not, it also needs to set a precedent for things that follow. Most importantly, for those who were there in the thick of it when it hit the scene, it has to stay with you. For all those reasons, I chose Pokemon Red and Blue (as I am Australian Pokemon Blue was basically our Pokemon Green)." - Jay of BGU

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