Mass Effect 4: The 10 Weapons We Want To See Return

Overmental: Mass Effect 4 is in the works, and while we don't know too much at the moment we have some ideas regarding the story and the overall gameplay. Despite any rumors about the characters or the premise, however, one thing is certain: you will be shooting a lot of guns. We have some big favorites from the first three games, but there are 10 in particular we want to see make big returns for the next generation installment of the franchise.

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Elit3Nick1259d ago

List seems a bit lackluster, all weapons from ME2 except for the Phaeston, my list is more like this, in no particular order:

Executioner pistol(one shot with massive recoil, but oh so satisfying)

M-358 Talon (shotgun pistol, extremely satisfying to pull it out and blow someone's head apart)

Blood Pack Punisher (twin barrels, one fires standard rounds at high RoF, the other fires an armor piercing round every 8 normal rounds)

Graal Spike Thrower (It's a shotgun that shoots FREAKING SPIKES!!!)

Reegar Carbine (Plasma thrower, melts through shields and health like nobody's business)

N7 Typhoon (essentially a mobile turret, extremely accurate when used from cover)

Striker Assault Rifle (Krogan automatic rifle that fires explosive rounds, laugh maniacally while holding the trigger)

Javelin (such a satisfying charge up sound, also the fact it magnetically fires liquid metal is badass)

Kishock Harpoon Gun (like a sniper version on the graal, sends its poor victims flying when hit)

Krysae Sniper Rifle (airburst sniper rifle, that alone warrants how cool this is, also looks awesome because of Turian design)

SaveFerris1258d ago

Just give us back the cooldown guns, like the first game.

medman1258d ago

The only weapon I need is Liara.