One month with the PlayStation Now UK Beta - Impressions | Parallax Play

Parallax Play:"After being available in america since late last year, Sony’s game streaming service, PlayStation Now, finally began its closed beta in the UK last month. Currently available for closed beta testing on PS4 at the moment, the European version of PS Now is expected expand to PS3, PS Vita and other platforms, to give gamers instant access to a library of PS3 games, similar to the service’s current availability in america."

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Masterchief_thegoat1310d ago

ps now is meh i rather keep my ps3 and buy some games if i can. cause right now my focus is one ps4, xb1 and some wii u games

mxguy931310d ago

Psnow is great since there are very few games out this year. Just finished uncharted 2. Love it!

KnownAsEpic1310d ago

I platinumed Uncharted 1 on PS Now

BLow1310d ago

I guess you didn't plat it according to disagrees.....haha

paul-p19881310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Good read, and nice to know it works pretty well over here in the UK too. Obviously lag will be a factor as mentioned in the article, and that was what I was expecting to be the biggest problem as we don't have the most amazing internet connections here, but I'm definitely gonna have to try this out when it releases :)