Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Gameplay Screenshots 100% Real

These are gears of war remastered screenshots from a phone camera.

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DarkOcelet1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

Hard to tell but sort of looks legit.

The quality of those picture are worse than a potato.

NovusTerminus1310d ago

Really... These pictures look like they were taken from my old flip phone Razr...

DarkOcelet1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

I honestly don't know why the hell when there are leaked pic, they are always taken in $hitty quality.

Come on, its 2015 for God sake. Not 2005.

freshslicepizza1310d ago

must have been taken with some hidden pen cam or something.

mikeslemonade1310d ago

That's because the game didn't look that good.

Farmassy1309d ago

Go away mike. We all know you are a ps fanboy. Yet you are in every xbox article

darthv721309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

The 'pics' look more like screen grabs from a video. Or obviously something that was uploaded and being viewed in very low res playback.

like when youtube auto adjusts for quality of connection.

As for the game itself... come on MS. don't do a one off title remaster. make it a gears collection. All 3 primary games in one with kick ass multiplayer. But I could already be alluding to that with E3 right around the corner.

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d_g1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

agree these pictures look like they were taken in 1999



on topic

can’t wait to see some gears of war at E3


for me GEARS > halo

both great games

gamertk4211310d ago

Halo = Gears

They're both freakin' awesome!!!

IVanSpinal1310d ago

Story, Enemy AI & Music= Halo>Gears
Gameplay Mechanics & Multiplayer= Gears>Halo
Style= Draw
My favorite= Gears

Paytaa1310d ago

Both games are top dogs in their respective genres. Can't wait to see this revealed at E3. Been craving new Gears for a while now.

700p1310d ago

ya im more of a gears fan than a halo fan but I love both franchises.

Bobby Kotex1310d ago Show
andibandit1310d ago

Coop > all,
so I cant really decide

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Magicite1310d ago

that is one real shitty phone camera, dude.

StarLord_Who1309d ago

He's using an Iphone camera. They're really bad at night.

OrangePowerz1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )

With that camera quality it could abe anything :)

badboyz091310d ago

Why is Gears getting a Remake??? Remakes are for new consumers that didn't get to experience the previous iteration. This will flop HARD!!!

Paytaa1310d ago

I think it's real. Canals never looked like that before and I figured they'd set the lobby system up similar to Gears 3. Definitely Gears 1 remastered. Wonder if we'll get the whole trilogy or they will compromise by using Gears 1 as a template but with Gears 3-esque gameplay with all the maps from every game.

IRetrouk1310d ago

I hope they stick to number one to be honest, was a better game than the other 3, although i enjoyed them all gears 1 was the best.

thisismyaccount1310d ago (Edited 1310d ago )


Looks Better than any next gen game thats for sure

Already destroyed anything sony has ever made with a 15 sec clip lol

" Gaikai"
Agreed as a Playstation fan I gotta admit Sony has has verw few first party exclusives games comig this year while Microsoft has plenty and I am looking forward to their E3 show I’m sure it’s going to be one hell of a show Wish I could say the same for Sony but unfortunely they don’t seem to have many games to show at E3

"Cenk Algu"
lol!!!where are zhose AAA? Except Bloodborne all of them are nothing but trash.By the way game does look excellent even from now!

"Poor PS Poor people"
$0N¥ = lies, overhype and underdeliver.


Let the hunt begin?

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GetSomeLoGiK1310d ago

The person has a Xbone yet still has some Motorla Razr for a phone hahaha. Still, any Gears related news, I'll take it no matter how crappy the quality is. I hope they come out with a Xbone Gears bundle day one of release. My PS4 might start collecting up dust because of this game.

BinaryMind1310d ago

Some people just like flip-phones. Besides they tend to have better batterylife than most smart-phones.