Bloodborne’s Tragic Djura the Hunter and Old Yharnam Back Story Explained

Spoilers ahead, but check out this Bloodborne lore story explanation of Djura and Old Yharnam.

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wakeNbake1287d ago

This guys pretty easy if you augur of ebretias him till he falls off the tower.

Maxor1287d ago

Thats the hard way of doing it. Just climb the ladder quickly and immediately spam him with blunderbust until he falls off.

Septic1287d ago

Hehe yup. That's what I did. The loot might get stuck in mid air but if you reload back to the area, you can go back and get the items.

DARK WITNESS1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

I climed up the ladder then as I approached the top of the ladder and he was visible, I started climbing back down..

he started walking forward and just walked off the edge of the tower.

didn't need to waste a bullet!

Perjoss1287d ago

He's also easy if you fight him normally without knocking him off the edge.

joab7771287d ago

I always befriend him, and then kill him. Have to have that ashen set. And he isn't too bad anyway, as he uses the stake driver. Dodge at him and then quickly strike.

theshredded1285d ago

such a badass hunter,wish u couldn't kill him too early