Witcher 3 PS4 Looks Even Better With Color Correction, Compared With Pre-Release Build

Visually downgraded? Not a chance.

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Hellsvacancy1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

"This has resulted in players comparing console footage with pre-release >PC build< thereby concluding that the game has been graphically downgraded"

The answer is in there somewhere

oasdada1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

The game is awesome and everything but dude i think im crazy but at times red dead looks better than these screens pre or post release

mabreu1312d ago

Not crazy. RDR is an amazing game with fantastic art direction.

Keep in mind that the western environment in RDR is not as detailed as the fantasy setting in Witcher 3. Witcher 3 has a lot more stuff to render on screen compared to RDR.

Screenshots makes it hard to see how detailed the graphics are. Even videos on youtube can't show every detail of video game graphics.

Captain_TomAN941312d ago

Well correct: You are crazy. RDR is my favorite R* game of all time and it looks no where near as good as TW3.

oasdada1312d ago

yeah well despite all the "awesome gfx" on witcher 3.. it still doesnt show folliage and lightning/shadows like RDR does.. have u seen how shadows land on grasses and bushes on RDR? yeah i get witcher is an rpg and all that.. but dude RDR is a last gen title u guys know that right?

kingeliran1313d ago

its amazing to see the witcher 3 still doing news headlines for over 10 days straight, such an Epic game! Btw they said the city of novigard will have 2000 openable doors thats just one city! With no loading time Amazing!

Wii_nes_0071313d ago

Maybe not in this particular city, but there's lots of loading in TW3. I just found out and it saddens me. Plus you can't roam wherever you want from the start. The open world is full of restrictions. This saddens me and didn't know this.

starchild1313d ago


The only loading screens are if you die or fast travel.

This is a multi-region open world game, as the devs call it. There are two main regions and a couple of smaller ones.

But when either of the main regions are each bigger than most other open world games what does it matter? Think of it like getting several open world games all for the price of one. :)

Personally I prefer it this way. Having just one big open area kind of limits the variety that you can realistically have in a single region. By having several far-flung regions the diversity of environments and landscapes can be much greater and still be believable.

Nero21421313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Eh, when they said ultra graphics will wow us i thought it will be on pre realse lvl but hey all 3 version must look familiar so when they do vid compariions most ppl wont be able to tell the difference. Pc versions nowdays are just like ''lets crank settings 1 number higher''

methegreatone1312d ago

'Downgraded ? Not a chance'

From when ? If you're comparing it to the 35 minute demo we got in 2014, then yes, it's been downgraded. That's not me being whiny about the visuals.
It's just that specific features which were present before are gone.
That's fine on console. What bothers people is that these options weren't retained on PC either. Parity for parity sake is plain retarded.

Second, why is the article talking about colour corrected stuff ? Did they do something in the day one patch for that or something ? I heard the day one patch improved performance and changed the look of some stuff.

I have to say, the PS4 version looks great.

starchild1312d ago

I don't agree at all. Compared to the 35 minute demo I think the new footage looks a bit better. I honestly don't know what some of you think you see in the old footage, except that it gives you an excuse to whine. There certainly isn't anything TECHNICALLY better about the older version overall.

The new version has a better textured brick road, has added vines/foliage covering the wall to the right of the arched entry way, and they have added a nice depth of field type effect similar to what we see in games like AC Unity. The old version merely had some extra bricks on one corner...which is meh. The new version has more enhancements and offers a more balanced and pleasing composition overall. The older version looks harsh and gamey, and the colors are off.

But it should be pointed out that the lighting conditions are not the same between the two. The angle of the light is not the same, although it's much closer than another stupid comparison I saw, and the newer version is a bit more cloudy. Most of the difference simply comes down to changes the environment artists made to the colors of objects in the scene. This is NOT a technical downgrade and it's insane some people are trying to pass it off as one. If anything, it has been technically upgraded.

HaveAsandwich1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

look at the pics. the super detailed shrubbery/plants is gone. the sky is less detailed everywhere. there were definite changes. i dont care myself, and have it preloaded as we speak, but there were definite changes. either way its going to be awesome, to me.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

It's because of site like this one this graphics stigma exist. Who the hell cares some stupid grass doesn't look the same anymore? Play games and stop giving graphics so much importance.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1313d ago

I think what developers can do with graphics is pretty cool, and comparisons are bound to happen. Graphics are an integral part of a game, but what's most important to any one person obviously varies. Fanboy wars are an unfortunate byproduct of this, along with the downgrade rumors, but in the end false advertising is false advertising. If we don't give devs s*** for showing us something which is below the final product in either graphical quality or features like gameplay, they will abuse our trust, as seen in Watchdogs.

But I agree, gamingbolt is scum.

Dude4201313d ago

"If we don't give devs s*** for showing us something which is below the final product in either graphical quality or features like gameplay, they will abuse our trust, as seen in Watchdogs."

Hahaha, wow, that's just too funny, as if a collection of extremists are going to force CDPR to change their direction. All people like you ever did was bitch and moan about the grass, trees and fire, and guess what, CDPR most likely knows more than you what's best for everyone at this stage of production.

CDPR barely commented on these rumours because even they know your views are complete BS. They know that you can't even appreciate all the work they've done to get you one of the best reviewed products out there.

And this isn't f'n false advertising, that 2013 trailer was a vision they had for this game, how the hell do they know the final product was going to end up like this. Things change during development, deal with it.

CDPR gives one of the best games out there, offer DRM free games, give free DLC, free copies of enhanced edition games (like a remaster) to those who already have it, and people like you have the gull to compare them to Ubisoft? GTFO, you don't deserve to play Witcher 3.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )


Dude... Calm dowwwwwwn. My comment wasn't a jab at CDPR, in fact they handled the whole downgrade ACCUSATIONS, not a legitimate downgrade but accusations, very well. I'm talking about Ubisoft, as I mentioned Watchdogs.

I don't consider myself an 'extremist' either, you're really making assumptions and taking things too personally, so chill, bro. I thought stoners were calm people.

I never took a jab at CDPR, I have the utmost respect for them as developers, and my views are that trailers should either state 'this may not represent the final product, this is pre-alpha/alpha/beta gameplay' or they should state that its CGI. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Also, a little respect, especially of my opinion which was completely different from what you assumed, would be nice. Don't know how you got 5 bubbles, but there's no need to be that childish and condescending.

I'm not out to get you or CDPR, so breath, calm down, and realize that I am not the enemy. In the end there are such things as downgrades, right now I have no clue if TW3 was downgraded, and I will NOT speculate, but decide when the final version is on my screen, and even then who says their gameplay build (which was PC) wasn't below minimum settings? I'm not one of those people who go around yelling downgrade. Furthermore, downgrades which prevent bugginess and improve gameplay, are welcome in my views (which are really your views, which you WOULD HAVE known had you simply asked what I thought?).

All in all, we don't need this hostility and you misinterpreted my comment massively, to the point where you've literally grasped every straw on the planet.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1313d ago

I should add, I meant to say max settings -_- not minimum, my mistake.

Dude4201313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

I'm sorry, but when I read your post, half way through I agree with you, but then it sounds like you completely 180 and mention false advertising is false advertising (which are words that have been circling around these articles) and so forth. Therefore I assumed you hopped on the downgraded graphics bandwagon which is why I said what I said.

If you consider what I just said, then no I didn't blow this way out of proportion because there are far too many posts that look similar to yours which are, in fact a jab at CDPR. Now did you take a jab at CDPR? You probably didn't as you claim, but it can be certainly interpreted this way with how you worded your stance.

I have 5 bubbles, because well, I normally don't troll around here and can have civil conversations. That's not to judge you on your three bubbles, but it seems you recently joined and probably only started with 3.

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rdgneoz31313d ago

People have been comparing graphics for different systems for a long time. So many countless PS360 comparison, lens of truth, etc. They'd magnify sections to compare the AA.

You do have cases where devs will downgrade a game heavily (Watch Dogs) and not show the difference till the game releases. In those cases people have the right to complain since it's misleading.

However, CDPR have always made great games and care about their customers (not many devs give away free DLC to their games, let alone one that already has 200+ hours of content). Can't wait to start playing on Monday.

Dynasty20211313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

You realize console gamers bang on about graphics more than PC gamers these days?

Find a console article anywhere without a comment section below it where someone is comparing PS4 to Xbox One's resolution or FPS etc. I dare you.

Nothing but hypocrites, the lot of you.

fiveby91313d ago

Although some people may put more emphasis on graphics than me or you I respect the idea of critical eyes on details in the game. Although in many respects I think platform companies companies and some studios don't want their product to be known as the least capable platform / title. Hence, such criticism can hep push companies to improve their products. Case in point, MS has invested considerable resources in maximizing their X1. If it were not in part for such 'negative' articles driving perceptions, they may have sat back and not tried to push the envelope of their product more. So I say critique away. Granted, I may not put as much stock in graphics fidelity as others I still feel no need or will to 'silence' others' opinions. I believe in the case of Witcher 3 the gameplay and scope will be the most prominent feature of the game across all platforms. I'll be playing on pc but would have otherwise played on PS4. But I imagine the X1 crowd will have equally as much fun as me.

methegreatone1312d ago

A downgrade on a platform for the sake of parity is bad and retarded. People should complain about it.

"Play games and stop giving graphics so much importance."

That's not the point. Everyone shouting downgrade knows graphics aren't everything. They will also play the game and enjoy.

Doesn't change the fact that there is a possibility of a significant downgrade because "we want the same experience across all platforms"
PS4 owners go up in arms when XBONE is running at the same resolution, and devs say they want the same experience across both. "Parity sucks" "Use the platforms to their max"

It's the same with PC and consoles. Downgrading for the sake of parity is bullshit. Doesn't matter how important graphics are.

People have said this many, many times. Ubisoft got a lot of flak for downgrade on PC. If TW3 is downgraded for parity, why shouldn't CDPR ?

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baryonyx1313d ago

I am so happy i got color correction on my damn Tv.
Atleast it's better then the release version, still a bad downgrade from from the pre-release. I am stuck between PC or console with this one. PC is obvious but lately i am having problems with my hardware ( Burned out ), and i think i need to replace my graphic card and a game like this is a must have.

brich2331313d ago

I have a setting on my montior that I swtich too when I want better graphics, I simply higher the contrast but lower the brightness and higher the color a bit and the sharpness and adjust the Tint to how I like. It would look like the color corrected pic in this post.

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