The Witcher 3 Preload Is Live On PS4; Day 1 Patch Changelog And Preload Size Revealed

GearNuke: "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt preload is now live on the PlayStation Store in select territories. In addition to the preload, we also have a day 1 patch on the PS4 which hopefully fixes the frame rate issues."

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MegaSackman1313d ago

Already downloading it! awesome timing.

thekhurg1313d ago

FYI for those wondering: Day one patch is under 500 meg.

dRanzer1313d ago

sorry about my poor knowledge but i have aquestion
i pre order the wither 3 in ps store,how can do pre load?

DarkLordMalik1313d ago

Go to your Library on the PS4.
Find The Witcher 3 from the list.
Click on Download button.

wakeNbake1313d ago

Wierd says only 9 gigs for the download.

GiggMan1313d ago

The rest downloads in the background. That's the initial install just to get the game running I think.

Rock-Lee1313d ago

Yep. It says 30GB at first, once it's downloading it will say 9GB, that's the first part. After that the rest will download.

RJ920091313d ago

When I go to download mine it's just the theme wth...

WeskerChildReborned1313d ago

Having the same thing happen to me -_-

RJ920091313d ago

Looks like we are the unlucky ones keeps giving me a error code to.

GiggMan1313d ago

See my comment below...

GiggMan1313d ago

This is how I fixed that.

Go to the demo section and start to download a demo that you don't have.

Then go to the witcher preload and it should start.

ExplodingBacon1521313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

If anyone gets the error code while attempting to preload, download the free car for Driveclub (even if you don't have the game) then download TW3. This method was discovered by users on reddit and indeed works.

kaamu1312d ago

Thank you sir!! I would of been stressing out! You hero!