LEGO Dimensions: The Next Best Toy in Gaming | Hardcore Gamer

LEGO Dimensions makes the rest of the toys-to-life games look like child’s play, while the amount of content seems to be unfathomable with even more to come.

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bondsmx1230d ago

Already preordered it for my 6 year old.
$100 starter kit. Had to put $25 down just to preorder. Ouch.
I know he'll love it though, already owns and has beaten every single Lego game, has infinity and loves it also.
Two of his favorite things come together as 1. No way in hell he isn't gonna love this game. Lol

Neonridr1230d ago

The next best thing to suck your wallet dry you mean.

Preordered the starter kit along with the Back to the Future playset.