New PS4 Theme Released for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection; Screenshots Inside

If you are a Borderlands fan, today 2K games had a surprise in store, with a PS4 theme for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

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magiciandude948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Looks cool, but it's not worth the 2 bucks in my opinion, but then again I've yet to come across to a theme worth buying. Free themes on PS4 are few and far in between, but plentiful on PS3.

Abriael948d ago

For me. the Final Fantasy X theme was totally worth it. It was pricey as heck, but having "To zanarkand" playing from my PS4 is just priceless.

KwietStorm948d ago

So which is it, totally worth the price or priceless?

SuperBlur948d ago Show
Unreal01948d ago

I swear us Europeans are deprived of every single decent theme. The only new theme we get here in the UK is a Mad Max cinema one haha. I mean, come on Sony.

Travis3708948d ago

Make a US account problem solved..

ChronoJoe948d ago

Not really, as if you make a US account then the theme is only applied to that account, not the console. Therefore it doesn't change when you go back to playing on your regular account, where he presumably already owns games and content.

Hardly problem solved.

ChronoJoe948d ago

Looks like a cool image in the background, but as a theme as a whole, nothing particularly special.

Tallpine948d ago

PS4 themes suck, I remember when ps3 themes came out and were very open, tons of free ones to choose from. Now they introduce PS4 themes and they are generally pretty weak, non HD, poorly advertised (no way to preview them), I have to go to youtube to see what some look like in action, and for the most part all of them cost money. I'm a really big fan of borderlands but this is lacking compared to the potential. There has to be a better way to design some borderlands themes and on top of this it costs money! I see wasted potential that I hope changes in the future.