Black Ops 3 Beta Won't Be Attached to a Disc, PC Version "Best Title Yet" from Treyarch and More

Treyarch seem to be quietly confident that the PC version of Black Ops 3 will be their best one yet as the game was designed for the PC.

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CernaML1285d ago

lol All their games are the "best one yet."

Heyxyz1285d ago

COD fan: But they mean it this time!


joab7771285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I'm surprised. I've never seen anyone honestly say, "This is our 3rd best, and the series 5th best game. By those standards, and the fact that it's CoD and you have to have this yrs release, we would say, it's pretty darn good. We are a little nervous b/c AW sped up gameplay in advance of Titanfall and our bosses' absolute hatred of West and Zampella, so we also had to, even though we didn't want to, but it came out just a bit better than we thought, so, overall, we are quite happy. And at the very least, we again packaged Zombies with the game instead of a separate release b/c we know there are many fans that may not buy CoD w/out it. We can absolutely say, it's our 2nd best zombies edition, and after the garbage that was AW'S zombies, you will probably feel like it's our best. And don't worry b/c we will give you atleast half the zombie maps we made on disc."

I've never heard that before. Just "This is the best one yet!".

kingeliran1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

They improved the fish AI

COD needs to return to WW2 and do a new game engine and more then a 2 hour campaign...

joab7771285d ago

Yeah. A new engine, optimized for this gen. Imagine CoD in U4, like the Unreal Tournament demo. Also, a return to powerful 1st person storytelling. And its hard to do 235 yrs in the future, zipping all around like an idiot.

I want a real, dark, gritty Warfare game, with real emotions.

chrish19901285d ago

Finally, somebody else who appreciates the art of a decent single player campaign! I for one cant be arsed with the multiplayer, I've always bought games for the stories

MitchellK1285d ago

We need a war fps with The Last of Us style storytelling and feel. Something that actually makes war feel hard and makes you feel the emotions a soldier would go through. Not just a we are good you are bad, everyone is an emotional robot and has no feelings story that we usually get.

1285d ago
Unreal011285d ago

Jesus, no. This "Cod needs to go back to WW2" rubbish needs to stop, that'd be horrible, it has been done to death. If anything they need a real sequel in the Modern Warfare series, a proper Modern Warfare 3.