Kombo E3 2008: Street Fighter IV Hands-On

Kombo: "The developers on hand made clear that IV was meant to be 2D from the beginning because "there are certain core fundamental elements in the Street Fighter formula that function better in 2D than 3D." The moment you hit the joystick you will be right at home. Yes, everything is all new: new engine, new visual style, new characters, but the moment the announcer yells "FIGHT!" you'll know what to do (forward roll + punch = hadoken. Back two seconds; forward + punch = flying sumo head-butt). Nothing has changed mechanically. I sat down having never played the game before and took down Stuttering Craig from ScrewAttack 2-1 (yet then got trashed for every successive round). The entire Street Fighter II Turbo cast will be reunited (the producer said Cammy, T. Hawk, Fei Long, and DeeJay are still in consideration based on fan demand), and the new characters are phenomenally fun to wield and feel nothing like their classic counterparts."

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