GWN Preview: Fable 2

GWN reports:

''We've all heard plenty about Fable 2's simplicity in control, upscaled world and menu systems and its general functionality. After having a good half hour of playtime, I can safely say that Fable 2 is looking to be the third easiest console RPG out in the market, just behind Eternal Sonata and Fable.

Peter Molyneux's vision of creating simple controls and interface has worked. Face buttons all perform one specific function, though depending on how long the button is held or the circumstances of the button press, can have different effects. For instance, the X button is solely for sword attacks, but pushing X and pushing X while going forward on the left thumbstick will provide different attacks.

The same logic applies to projectile weapons, which are hosted by the Y button, and magic, the B button. A is for selecting and the action button. The entire D-pad is for four different functions dealing with the dog, such as delivering positive or negative reinforcement, or possibly playing catch with the animal. Other options become available depending on the items in hand and situation at hand.

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