Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders the Lost Quark Review – Weird Science - The Koalition

Is this game about science, quarks, and a purple cat with attitude good enough for your game collection? Check out the full review to find out!

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Romudeth1251d ago

This sounds like a complete disaster. This review is a public service announcement for people to stay away.

Venomousfatman1251d ago

This game was not good at all. So many problems all around, completely mind blowing.

MoreGravyPleez1251d ago

Agreed, lack of good controls alone is death but this seems to be poorly executed all around.

Venomousfatman1251d ago

Very true. The concept is pretty neat. I just wish there was a better handling of the main character, and with a more clear backstory and humor that wasnt so blah.

It feels like a early 90s cartoon show that was terrible.

uth111251d ago

disappointing. People on Steam seemed to love it