GWN Preview: Darksiders: Wrath of War

GWN reports:

''From my hands on time with Darksiders, Wrath of War, I could tell that this wasn't the ordinary platforming 3rd person adventure title. There are plenty of things that set it apart from the pack, many of which were astounding to witness at E3.

First of which is the graphical quality of the title. Set for release in early 2009, the game still in beta looks phenomenal. It takes the 3rd person genre of gaming and makes it appear cinematic at every turn. From my time playing, it was clear that while still a little buggy, the game is smooth and pretty. Special effects such as haze from heat or water and dust are all very visible and vivid.

So far what I've seen of Darksiders was a few main points. This game has many puzzles to solve, most of which revolve around finding key items and properly using them. Such puzzles may include finding the right path to take, properly placing said item and utilizing it.

The puzzle I witnessed was using a boomerang-like weapon to activate different switches to raise and lower platforms over a lava pit for the player to reach the top. Said item was one of the switches, which when found and placed where it belonged and used, opened the next area. However, the puzzle is both in finding the item (both in knowing that it is an item to take and in the actual search) and getting to the point where the item can be used.

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