Understanding The Somewhat Confusing Return of Mystic Searches

Amanda French writes: "While some might think that Mystic Searches is somehow a new game project (I certainly did at a glance) this is actually the second crowdfunding campaign for a singular project that began in September of 2014, The New 8-Bit Heroes. That campaign was successfully funded for a little over $54k, but Joe Granato and his team made clear they believed that the $36k funding goal alone would be enough to make a homebrew NES game that interacts with a modern PC version, a documentary on its creation, as well as tutorials to help teach others to make their own NES games. As we already pointed out, this sudden return seems unusual because this new campaign seems to suggest that this additional $36k is necessary for the completion of the modern PC version of Mystic Searches originally promised. But if this new campaign fails, what will become of the modern PC version?"

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