Celebrating the Freeness of Skyrim Mods Part 4 – Game-Changers

We're back in the swing of things - Part 4 of our series tackles the best free Skyrim gameplay mods. Actually, they're all free now, but these are still the standouts.

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Digital_Anomaly1313d ago

You don't need a new rig Shawn! The one you have is just fine! But look at these sweet mods though... oh man, you can't run them? Geeze, that's too bad.


generalwinter1313d ago

Ok dumb question but can you play Skyrim on a Mac? If not, WHY???!!! If yes, then, excuse me for about 4 MONTHS!!

Imalwaysright1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

^^ Best skyrim mod and obligatory for any Oblivion fan.