Rock Band developer helps fan give a GameStop employee his comeuppance

VentureBeat: "This has probably happened to many of you: A trip to GameStop turns frustrating when you try to ask the associate about some hot upcoming game, but they don’t know anything about it and — even worse — pretend you’re crazy for thinking it exists."

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SaveFerris1309d ago

I bet the employee felt quite embarrassed after that.

GameSpawn1309d ago

I stopped going to GameStop LONG ago. I usually only go there in a last ditch if I'm looking for a game or accessory that is out of stock elsewhere and that I want that day (aka I can't wait to order it online and have it delivered).

Since my location has a Wal-Mart, Target, BestBuy, and GameStop all within throwing distance of each other it is easy to work my way through that list to find things I want immediately.

GameStop employee knowledge varies greatly from employee to employee and location to location. Sometimes you get someone who has half a brain, other times you get an imbecile that hasn't got a single clue and really is an example of a miracle for just having the position that they do.

aLucidMind1309d ago

It doesn't help that they don't bother training their employees, management included. I was an assistant store manager for three months before I just walked out and grabbed a job elsewhere. Day one, they teach you how to open and close the store; day two through five has you working by yourself so you have to call other stores and hope the person on duty there can teach you over the phone how to operate some of the systems so you can get customers what they want or need.

Then management whines about how your sales numbers are poor and why the store gets poor reviews. Not to mention how anyone that isn't management only gets an average of 15 hours per week. Gamestop is simply a ridiculously incompetent company from every perspective and all Gamestop does about it is flounder about to try and get into selling tablets and cell phone plans.

WhyHate1309d ago


I'm not going to go into detail, (you can see I'm previous posts for that) but I was a store Mgr. for over four years @ GS and "incompetent" is a great word to describe GameStop management and upper management point blank!

This story isn't that big of an issue, but there are tons of reasons why anybody shouldn't spend their hard earned money at LameStop. From an inside perspective they look at their customers as simple minded sheep. If you respect yourself don't shop at GameStop!!

aLucidMind1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )


To be honest, me calling my former management incompetent is the nice way of going about it. I ran a mechanic shop solo; trained 7 guys that knew nothing all the way to certified mechanic plus inspection and ASE certifications in a span of three months total... yet I saw them struggling to teach a single person the basics in the same span because "I don't know where to start". These two store managers had 20 years in the company between them. Downright pathetic lol.

I definitely agree, anyone who shops at Gamestop at this point (especially those buying used when they don't have to) need to stop. Gamestop doesn't offer anything of value to their consumers or their employees.

WhyHate1309d ago

I hear ya man, I can always tell a true GameStop employee regardless of what part of the country they worked in because the stories are always the same. It's just good to be out of there and working back in the real world...

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MilkMan1309d ago

Harmonix did it again!

spence524901309d ago

The idiocricy is so high at my local gamestops for a while I was hoping they actually close so I could have a reason not to purchase anything from them. Whether it's their long winded sales pitches or general lack of BASIC game knowledge they just continue to displease me. I feel bad for new gamers who have to deal with them and don't know any better.

WizzroSupreme1309d ago

Wonder if someone lowered his paycheck a bit for that snafu...I would.

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