Nintendo Preview: Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers

Nintendojo reports:

''Bikini Zombie Slayers follows the story of sisters Aya and Saki, legendary samurai who have been charged with saving their land from a widespread zombie outbreak. The action title is reminiscent of many beat-em-up/hack-n-slash games in the genre, with notables like Dynasty Warriors and Onimusha coming to mind, though some new gameplay mechanics and Wii Remote motion functionality will look to differentiate Onechanbara from similar titles.

The level demoed in our developer playthrough of the game featured about a dozen of good looking -- for what they are --- zombies to slice and dice. Aya (who decked out in a cowgirl hat and not much else) did plenty of slicing and dicing; a few swipes of the Wii Remote would swing her sword and Nunchuk shakes made her kick. There appeared to be at least a level or two of depth to combat, with different button and controller shakes resulting in faster or stronger moves pulled off, and a combo meter that allows her to unleash special rage attacks when full. A knock on these types of games has always been the issue of combat gameplay becoming redundant and repetitive, so we'll ultimately have to reserve judgment on the effectiveness of the combat system until we can get some extended hands-on time with Bikini Zombie Slayers.''

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