The Witcher 3: When Developers Turn Industry’s Tables

How CD Projekt Red has turned on Microsoft for the good of their newest Creation.

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theXtReMe11285d ago

The author of this artcile obviously didnt know the deal between Microsoft and Projekt Red. It had nothing to do with CD Projekt Red favoring Microsofts console. Microsoft simply wanted the rights to produce the card deck and include it in their LE version of the game, along with a cloth world map, to give gamers incentive to buy the Xbox One version of the game. In return, CD Projekt Red got a monetary sum. That is it. It had nothing to do with advertising or pushing the game on Microsofts console, over any other. No different than the same deals they did with retail partners with comics and other give away items.

CD Projekt Red didnt turn on Microsoft. They are simply showing the game in the best light on consoles. The PS4 version has slightly better visuals, due to the variable resolution used for Microsofts console. Other than that, Im not aware of any other differences. Possibly a more consistent frame rate on the PS4, as seen in other titles. Something we will see when we start getting the head to head videos.

The owner of either console should be incredibly happy how awesome this game looks and plays. It is the best looking game, so far, this generation and one of the best playing RPGs ever made.

tanukisuit1285d ago

I'm out of the loop, but what is this about card deck? Is there extra stuff in one LE?

Chevalier1285d ago

There were 2 exclusive card decks and a map.

Ciporta19801285d ago

Someone obviously didn't read the article

Chevalier1285d ago

You clearly don't know that MS has exclusive advertising rights in North America. They only advertise the Xbone version exclusively.

Notice only Xbone version advertised.

Here's the regular TV spot airing outside North America.

Notice it advertises all 3 versions.

So maybe check your facts before you suggest the author doesn't know what they're talking about. Clearly they do.

tanukisuit1285d ago

Thanks for the link/reply.

1285d ago
stormswrath1285d ago

What will matter in the end will be that there are alot more ps4s in homes than xbone. The only way microsofts deal will help them is for those who waited to buy a new console for this game. Even then i don't know if they would make a console purchase based on getting a deck of cards and cloth map for one game, i know i wouldn't. Of course those who own both consoles could be tempted to buy the xbone version as well if they are getting the limited edition. I just don't think the money microsoft paid will be worth it in the end. However everone is getting an awesome game in a few days so we can all rejoice.