Guitar Hero:On Tour Review (The Adrenaline Vault)

Michael Smith reports:

''The first game of the massively successful Guitar Hero series arrived on the Playstation 2 in 2005, with other versions released later for the next-generation consoles and the PC. You could even play it on your cell phone starting in the spring of 2008, but owners of hand-held gaming systems were left out in the cold - until now. With the release of Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS, Activision has finally invited on-the-go gamers to the party.

The biggest hurdle to pass for designers has been a control method; nobody wants to have to carry bulky peripherals with their portable systems. GH: OT's creators solved this problem with a guitar controller small enough to make the game practical with a minimum of inconvenience. The four-button controller is inserted into the Game Boy Advance slot and includes an adjustable strap to anchor the system to your hand. Players still using the original DS system haven't been forgotten, as GH: OT ships with a small adapter that allows the controller to attach to the console. If the geek factor isn't a problem for you, the game also includes stickers you can use to decorate the controller.''

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