Neverwinter Bringing 5 Free Expansions to Xbox One in 2015, Hits 1.6 Million Player Mark

Cryptic Studios announced that their Free-To-Play MMORPG Neverwinter has reached 1.6 million players to-date on the Xbox One. With their success they've also announced that the Xbox One version will be receiving 5 free expansions, all coming this year. The expansions will be using source material from popular Dungeons & Dragons' storylines including Tyranny of Dragons and Elemental Evil.

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Games4Gamers1312d ago

Awesome. If it were EA they would probably increase the prices to the DLC then before and add a subscription for 14.99 per month due to its success

ThePope1312d ago

I love comments like this. Would you rather have EA not make money and go out of business? These companies already charge to little for what they make. Games are at least (on average) 50% bigger(in either graphics, gameplay, story, or all the above) than they were in 2006. Yet here they are still charging what they were charging in 2006. Which means their getting around $15 less PER copy sold.

SO what would you like them to do? Are you ok if they start asking $70-$80 for their games?

I bet you'll pay $20 to go to a movie plus food. But gosh forbid a company who makes games that can last for hundreds of hours make a FAIR profit. These companies aren't making a FAIR profit right now so they have to do everything they can. Or they can stop making games and do something else. Would you like that?

Don't even get me started on how many people buy games used. When you do that you're basically telling the developer to close their doors. No matter how much you love the game.

KarmaV121312d ago

Finally someone who see's the problems I do!

annoyedgamer1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Actually I would love EA to go out of business. It would free up the IP's and allow them to go to more reputable companies. The slaves..I mean employees that they have herded over the years will finally be free to unleash their creative power.

I would say the same for other large AAA publishers, but most of them are not known to buy out developers solely for the purpose of removing competition and shutting them down. (Maxis, Danger Close, Pop Cap, etc.)

"Games are at least (on average) 50% bigger(in either graphics, gameplay, story, or all the above) than they were in 2006. Yet here they are still charging what they were charging in 2006. Which means their getting around $15 less PER copy sold. "

I do not buy that when most of it is fluff and DLC. Nice try though.

What is interesting is you have an avatar of The Witcher symbol which is developed by CD Project Red who have managed to grow and remain profitable without engaging in any of the greedy practices that your good friends over at EA have been doing for years. They do not even use DRM and are still growing bigger with each release.

_-EDMIX-_1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Bubbles for your intelligence. I've been telling this site about inflation and the cost of DLC for a long time now.

Many gamers seem to be under this idea that DLC is just ALL the main game cut, don't factor in that games have had post launch content since early PC gaming, don't factor in that teams are made to solely make DLC, don't factor in that games have stayed the same price for YEARS etc.

Any thing extra for an extra charge will be complained about, even if the damn game is longer then the last, more content then the last etc, it will be complained about to pay more to get more.

As if they should work HARDER for LESS money.

Do you go to McDonalds and ask for fries JUST cause you bought a burger and you see them making fries? I want them, pay for them. Why should any business give out content JUST because you want it and see it being made?

Like I say...are you buying the game for what they are offering or are you trying to buy their souls? lol, it seems many gamers want to pay for a McChicken yet want a Big Mac meal supersized.

@Annoyed- "I do not buy that when most of it is fluff and DLC. Nice try though."

??? Skyrim is many times bigger then any of the elder scrolls before it and longer, GTAV is the biggest GTA they've ever made, Smash Bros the largest, Mario Kart 8 the most tracks and cars, GT5 largest track list and car count in its history. AC Unity the largest AC, AC 2015..larger then AC Unity, Batman 5x larger then Arkham City, Dead Island 2, larger, Witcher 3, Dragon Age III etc, the list goes on and on and on.

...all before DLC. Want to prove him wrong? Link, examples etc.

Sooo saying "I don't buy that" doesn't make sense...its an objective thing, you can factually look up many game series to see for yourself. Games are more complex now then 10 years ago, lighting, physics, textures etc.

and to prove his point even further...

UltraAtomic1311d ago

I like free to play games but yea they got to make money somewhere.

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christocolus1312d ago

Good to hear. The game is isn't my cup of tea but its good to see it doing well.I hope Smite and Gigantic turn out successful too.

nicksetzer11312d ago

Gigantic looks amazing. Neverwinter is a pretty fun time killer, and love the auction house feature. Not very fond of smite so far, but it's not really my type of game.

Bigpappy1312d ago

This game is very old school in appearance and gameplay, but it become fun and additive when you have a good group of friends to run with. I have a feeling that the more recent RPG's like The Witcher and ESO are going to pull those numbers down.

It was my first console FTP game. I completely enjoyed what I played of it, and even bought some Zen points to support the developer's excellent work. I hope they do well to encourage more MMO's on consoles, using this same formula.

Cherchez La Ghost1312d ago

I could not stop playing this game. Felt good hitting level 60.

Moldiver1312d ago

Im at level 60 and I still cant stop playing. Im still doing the tryanny of dragons stuff and trying to get the best and rarest gear. Painted my draconic bracers in the sexiest draconic blue and plain red dyes last night. That alone had me playing for a little longer than I intended, last night.

gangsta_red1312d ago

A lot of games for Xbox One...going to have to try this when I get some time.


This definitely seems like one of the more popular F2P games on Xbox One. I personally have a lot of friends that still play it religiously.

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