Top five reasons why the Chalice Dungeons are worth exploring in Bloodborne

A list of top five reasons as to why the Chalice Dungeons are worth exploring in Bloodborne.

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Masterchief_thegoat1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I hate Pthumerian Descendant when i Finally beat him two boss after that was easy for me for gold trophy

ThanatosDMC1250d ago

Just use a shotty and counter when you see his hand go up in the air. 4-5 viscerals and he's down. <-- my gameplay @lv50+

Masterchief_thegoat1250d ago

i beat him solo the video u show me that was easy fight with him.. the hard one is depth 5 because the place is short and he spam throwing his two weapon

ThanatosDMC1250d ago

Gotcha. I have a solo one too. Guess, i havent uploaded it. Is he just immune to pistol shots or what? From my video, the only thing that stunned him was the shotty and i spammed that.

NeonEnigma1250d ago

If anyone is stuck in the chalice dungeons or having trouble getting passed a section, go to!

fonduktoe1250d ago

Chalice bosses are a this game

joab7771250d ago

Yeah, but they are great. I've done them all 2x, and farmed forever. Working on logarius wheel/kirkhammer now. Back at Amy defiled, but his kirk is hitting hard.