Kotaku Magu: Famitsu *Hearts* Lost Planet

Japanese game mag Famitsu had just finished its Lost Planet review. The magazine tested out both single player and multi-player. Four editors reviewed the game on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the best), and here's what they had to say:

1) Cool that it feels like a big-budget sci-fi movie. You'll need to keep collecting Thermal Energy to stay alive, so you'll have to stay in the action at all times. If you find the game too hard, swallow your pride and play it on Easy mode. Playing against players from around the world looks like fun. SCORE = 9

2) Plays pretty much like an orthodox FPS game. The game balance lets you play through the game without much stress. Very inventive in that you have your human weapons and Vital Suit weapons, and you can use them all on foot. The slower movements of the hefty Vital Suits balance out their overwhelming firepower and add to the tension. SCORE = 9

3) From the realism of the snow and air in the environments to the battles that really put you in the middle of the action, this game has it all. Battles against giant enemies and robots are super-exciting. May take some people a little time to get used to the unique controls and gameplay concepts. Story plays out well, with twists and turns throughout the experience. Online multiplayer seems a bit bland, but it's fun to play nonetheless. SCORE = 9

4) Despite the weapon balancing being fine-tuned with the multiplayer in mind, the story mode truly is a blast! Battles with creatures in the extreme conditions are intense and very challenging. The bosses are big, and the pattern-recognition style of boss-conquering is very rewarding. SCORE = 9

The review hasn't been published yet, but should be out next week.

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DC RID3R4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

another AAA title for the 360. a truly AWESOME game!!!

whether you like getting your mech assault action on, or just straight up mercenary murda it's right HERE!!!!

there's some pretty sik korean/japanese players on live also!

between this and GEARS, LIVE can't get much better than this.........roll on mass effect, forza 2 and bioshock hehehee

having just got my wii @ 12.00 a.m from gamestaion(u.k launch, picked up zelda,wii play and rayman), it's gonna be a great festive season this year for the wii360 community!!!

DC RID3R4392d ago

adopt this game is ANOTHER matter entirely tho :(

it seems as if the question "do the japs hate ms cos they're u.s?" will be answered post release, because if this was an ps3 i.p, to call this a AAA title would be an understatement!!

we just clap and revolve

calderra4392d ago

Er, aside from the mild racism there, good point. With Blue Dragon, Lost Oddyssey, Lost Planet, DOA4/X2, Enchanted Arms, (etc), and tons of Live Arcade games all ready to go, there's really no reason for the Japanese market to hold back on 360 anymore. Not to mention Blue Dragon bundle packs, the great deals on Core systems, (etc).

I don't really see the console surpassing either of its competitors there, but if it doesn't at least look like a contender after all of this, there's not really anything else Microsoft could possibly do.

MicroGamer4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

Keep giving those 360 games good reviews. We'll convert those Japanese yet.

FKN Unbelievable4391d ago

Will converge all gamers and the Japanese will convert. 36/40 is very good for a shooter no matter what you say. Look as Microsoft Give the Japanese what they like they will buy it sooner or later.

FirstknighT4391d ago

Its a good thing I have a good paying job or not I wont be able to get all these AAA titles!!!! Good Job Microsoft!

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